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Wolf Song by AnsticeWolf

Now, I haven't seen 'wolf song' so i'm unable to compare this with the scene its inspired by. I'm gonna start by saying that I love the...

Scar- Internal wounds by TheColdSoul1888

This work is instantly an eye catcher. The golden colour of his eye compared to the dark sepia tones of the rest of the drawing is a gr...

This poem is simple, and yet so complex at the same time. It illustrates perfecty the cause and effect of self harm. You have made sure...


Thor bit into his fourth pop tart, chewing loudly as he watched the scientist slave over his makeshift work desk. The group of four had retreated to the kitchens as the sun had begun to set. The scientist needed a lot of light in order to work properly and they didn’t want to risk being spotted by a passing patrol. Natasha was seated cross legged atop one of the benches a half-eaten sandwich discarded beside her. She closely examined one of her stolen guns, dissembling it with the skill of a professional and cleaning the inner workings with a clean dishrag. Fury watched her tiredly as he ate his own sandwich, though his mind was far away. Like any good leader he was running through strategy and trying to foresee anything that could be thrown his way. Nick Fury was not used to being helpless and didn’t enjoy it in the least.
The scientist yawned loudly, leaning back in his chair. “I should get a medal for this.”
“Is it done?” Fury asked, leaving his sandwich forgotten on the bench and going to stand by the scientist.
“It’s done, it just needs to be placed correctly and activated.”
Natasha flipped her hair out of her face. “Let’s get going then.”
“What me?” The scientist questioned wide eyed.
Fury’s single eye zeroed in on the small device. “There is no time for you to teach Agent Romanoff how to use it.”
“B-but.” He stuttered.
Thor chuckled around his fifth pop tart. “The little man acts like a girl.”
Ignoring Thor’s comments the scientist continued. “I don’t even know how to use a gun.”
Placing her newly reassembled gun into the scientist’s trembling hands Tash smirked. “It’s easy, just point this end at the bad guy and shoot.”


Bruce’s eyes flicked open. The dark brown irises retracted until the pupil took up most of the eye. You watched him tensely, hands gripping tightly onto your weapons. A grimace contorted Bruce’s face as he brought a hand to his head, his seemingly black eyes darting from you to Steve. You chewed the inside of your cheek trying to will your hands to stop tremoring.
“Dr. Banner?” Steve spoke in a surprisingly steady voice.
You shifted your weight. “Bruce, are you ok?” Your voice was less even.
He groaned in reply, a deep growling sound that made your blood run cold. You glanced at Steve before taking a measured step backwards.
Steve carefully placed a hand on the doctor’s shoulder. “You’re with friends.”
Bruce’s nostrils flared as he stared up at Steve with his black eyes. “Friends?”
“Yes,” Steve replied, subconsciously taking a small step backwards. “We’ve fought beside one another remember?”
Bruce winced, scrunching his eyes shut and taking deep breaths.
“Bruce?” Your voice was a little steadier now.
He glanced at you, his eyes near normal. “I-I’m fine.”
You and Steve shared a small smile before he crouched down to Bruce’s level. “Are you alright to walk?”
He sighed, running a hand through his dark hair. “Yeah, just give me a moment.”
You gave a sharp nod. “I’ll wait for you in the hall, I think I can hear some of the guards stirring.”

Before too long Both Steve and Bruce had emerged, Bruce seemed to be in a fairly good condition, though he did sway on his feet a little.
You nudged a nearby guard with the toe of your boot as they approached. “I couldn’t bring myself to kill them all. I think we better get a move on.”
Steve knelt before a buff man with greying temples and began to search his person. You opened your mouth to protest.
“I saw him with this earlier,” Standing Steve held out a small plastic rectangle that was smeared with trace amounts of blood. “I think it’s a key of some sort.”
Your brow furrowed. “I don’t think we have time to go looking for what it opens.”
“But they have the weapons don’t they?” Bruce questioned groggily.
Your eyes darted to Steve awaiting his response.
“Yes, and I think I know which floor they’re on.” His reply was not what you had been hoping for.
“You want to go and get them don’t you?” You asked tiredly.
He slid the small card into his belt. “I need my shield.”
“Of course you do,” You mutter under your breath.  “Alright, you have fifteen minutes. Bruce and I will be waiting for you on the ground floor if you’re not back by then…”
Steve clapped you on the shoulder. “You’d make a good soldier ________.”
As you watched him leave you were not so sure. Your orders from Fury had been strict, retrieve the captured team members and return straight back to the ruined hotel. Now the already pitifully small team was split into even thinner groups. This was not going even remotely how you’d hoped it would.


Natasha ducked behind a dumpster, dragging the scientist by the collar of his shirt. The pungent odor of rotting food assaulted her sense of smell as she tried to keep in the shadows. The scientist’s breathing came in ragged gasps as he doubled over. His fitness was nowhere near where it should be, which would make an already difficult job tougher.
Tash grabbed him tightly by the wrist. “Are you sure this is the place?”
He nodded silently, unable to form words.
“You just can’t make it easy, can you?” She complained as she watched the horde of guards shift restlessly.
“It has to be placed in a central position to the signals origin point.” The scientist spluttered out.
Tash turned her gaze on him. “Ok, cover my back from here. And please try not to shoot me.”
He clutched tightly to the gun Natasha had lent him, his hands visibly trembling. His eyes glinted in the darkness helping to portray him as a frightened animal. Natasha squeezed him on the shoulder reassuringly before creeping out of her hiding spot.

She slid along the grimy sidewalk with the grace of a serpent. Her breathing was deep and even as she silently advanced towards a small brigade of men and women. The nearer she became the more evident it was that these supposed ‘guards’ were no more than average people infected by the virus. A woman nearest to Tash cradled a small pistol in her acrylic nailed hands. A man standing not far from the woman wore a bicycle helmet and skin tight lycra, and beside him was a boy not much older than fourteen dressed in a slightly disheveled school uniform. Natasha slowly rose to her feet, blue eyes darting between each stationary face. Holding her firearm close to her body she made slow and steady steps towards the female. There was no reaction from any one of the guards until Tash’s boot accidently crunched on a shard of broken glass. All heads snapped back in her direction, glassy eyes staring out at her. The woman stumbled forward flailing her gun out in front of her. Tash didn’t think twice about pulling the trigger of her own gun which struck the woman in the chest and sent her reeling back. The remaining infected began to shout out and ineffectively fire their guns. However the sheer number of bullets that flew through the air was enough to send Tash scrambling back for the dumpster. The scientist screamed out as his own bullets tore through the night. He missed his targets more times than he hit them but nonetheless his help was needed.

Natasha ducked her head low as she reloaded her weapon. The reverberating chorus of firing guns and rebounding bullets was almost deafening. Infected individuals began to fall like dominoes as the fray wore on. The scent of rubbish was now joined with the equally as strong scents of gunpowder and blood. The very two scents Natasha had grown to love. As macabre as the scene before her was Tash couldn’t help but admit that she was enjoying herself. There was just enough danger to send her heart racing but not enough to genuinely worry her. The only thing that upset her in the slightest was the fact that these people she was mowing down were in reality innocent, but she didn’t allow herself to think about it for long.

After the last of the diseased finally fell Natasha turned to the scientist with a small smile. “Nice job.”
He averted his gaze, stashing the gun back into his jacket pocket. “Nice? I don’t really think anything about that was nice.”
“There’s no point feeling guilty about it.” She replied stonily.  
“I don’t feel guilty, I just think that your choice of words were insensitive.”  
“Look,” Tash frowned. “What’s your name?”
The scientist sighed. “My name’s Asher.”
“Look Asher, in my line of work this sort of thing is mundane. To me this is no different than bagging groceries at Costco, so sometimes my choice of words may not be as subtle as they probably should be.” She forced a smile.
He dipped his head. “I suppose that makes sense,” He glanced up at her. “Must suck to be in your line of work.”
She shrugged. “I actually kind of enjoy it, it’s pretty much all I’ve ever known. Now come on, we don’t have long until reinforcements are sent.”
Asher said no more, forcing himself to his feet and following closely behind Tash.


Bruce’s head slumped forward comically as he dozed off for the third time. You yawned, tilting your own head back to stare up at the ceiling tiles. The ground floor was thankfully pitch-black, the only illumination coming from a set of dying red emergency lights above the elevator. The shadows offered you and Bruce some mild cover but you still felt completely exposed. Fatigue was quickly taking a hold of your body and every single one of your muscles protested at the slightest twitch. So far you had been lucky enough to escape any serious injury but that was not to say that you weren’t injured. Cuts and bruises marked your entire length. Some were worse than others but all let off their own little twinges of pain. You traced the falcon effigy on your belt with your thumb as you picked at the dusty carpet with your other hand. It was important that you keep yourself moving no matter how pointless the action. If you didn’t stay active there was no doubt that you would end up asleep.

The doors to the elevator slid open and a crimson highlighted silhouette stumbled out. From what you could tell the figure was masculine and in good physical condition but that didn’t mean it was Steve. Forcing your screaming muscles into a crouch you watched the figure soundlessly. He limped slightly, favoring his left leg as he timidly approached your general position. You waited not moving an inch, you weren’t going to risk revealing yourself just yet.
“_________, It’s me Steve.” A voice whispered into the static air.
You leapt up without another second to spare and waved a hand feverishly. “Over here.”
The moment Steve got close enough you embraced him, haphazardly throwing your arms around his large frame. He returned the hug awkwardly, his hands hovering just above your lower back. You could feel the cold metal of the shield strapped to his back.
“I was beginning to think you’d been caught,” You said releasing him. “I see you got your shield.”  
You were just able to make out his smile in the dim light. “I don’t think they even noticed that I was there until it was too late,” He held out a small bag. “I found Clint’s bow as well.”
Stopping yourself from hugging him again you grinned. “Finally some good news. Lets get the hell out of this dump, I never want to see another converted office block again.”
With a light heart you each threw one of Bruce’s arms over your shoulders and helped him out into the cool night air.  

When you entered the hotel you were immediately greeted by an outraged Fury.
“Where have you been Agent _____?” His voice was only barely contained.
You were so tired you didn’t even give him a second glance as you helped Bruce into an out of place chair. Not even Clint got the greeting he had been hoping for. You just ignored everyone, sliding yourself down on the linoleum floor. Your emotions were everywhere, you grieved the loss of Maria, rejoiced in the victory of reuniting the team and were relieved that Clint was ok.
“____________?” Clint placed a hand on your shoulder.
You gazed into his eyes. “I love you.”
He blinked, slightly taken aback by you public confession but his expression soon softened. “I love you too _______.”
You heard Fury clear his throat indignantly but continued to ignore him as you pulled Clint down by his shirt. He raised his eyebrows surprised by your uncharacteristic forwardness. Tracing the plane of his cheekbone with your thumb you roughly pressed your lips to his and were surprised to find his mouth bend to your will. He crushed his body against yours seemingly ignoring whatever pain it caused him, and gripped your waist tightly. The kiss lasted less than a minute but when you pulled away you were both breathless.
“When’s it my turn?” Tony asked, pulling you from the moment.
You glanced up at the shocked faces around you but didn’t feel ashamed.
“Steve knew where his shield was being kept and went to retrieve it while I waited with Bruce.” You answered Fury’s earlier question quietly.

Natasha spoke before Fury could reply. “Was there any ammo? We’re running low.”
“Some, it’s all in the bag,” Steve replied. “I found your bow as well.” He said turning to Clint.
Clint smiled his dazzling smile. “Maybe we do have a chance.”
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 48 Beginning of the End
The final battle is next chapter!!!! :D I promise it will be non stop action, violence, blood and heart ache the entire chapter. 


He throws his head back and cackles insanely until tears are streaming from his eyes. The woman crouched at his feet cries for a different reason as fat drops of crimson splatter the pavement around her. You watch from above, feeling no pity for the woman and yet still not understanding this man’s sense of humour. His cackling finally stops and he leans in closer until his red painted lips are at the woman’s ear. He must whisper something dreadful, because the woman begins to scream punching out at him blindly. Streaks of his white face paint smear her hands as she attempts to fight back. The man continues to laugh even though this woman’s fingernails draw blood. Eventually he seems to tire of his little game and silences her screams with a smooth stroke of his knife. More blood stains the street as it gushes from her throat. You continue to watch quietly marvelling at the beauty of the hue. The man takes a step back and stashes his knife somewhere deep within his purple coat. No longer distracted by his work he finally notices you. As he looks up he runs a gloved hand through his vibrant green hair, leaving small traces of gore behind. You look down on him your dark purple lips forming a very small smile in acknowledgement and then you flee, using the rooftops as your footway.

The man you observed is one of Gotham’s many psychopaths. He has the ability to find humour in even the most mundane of things and it is for that reason that you first began to take notice of his work. He first flew onto your radar at a large fundraising event. He burst in with a small crew during the final waltz of the evening and managed to take anything of value from everyone. Your date for the evening, Bruce Wayne tried to stop him at first but was soon silenced by a couple of goons. You smirk at your recollections as you swing down off of a fire escape. Simulating the screams the other women around you were producing you had buried you head into Bruce’s chest and wept. But in reality you had been anything but terrified. It was people like the joker who made life interesting.

You yourself had been forced to spend a rather long stint at the infamous Arkham Asylum after your father died. Your mother had you committed after you began to see flaws in her story and started to accuse her of murder. Of course all she had to do was hand a blank check to one of the doctors and you were diagnosed with schizophrenia. You had been completely sane back then but after three long years of ‘treatment’ you eventually became just like everyone you were forced to associate with. Yes, you were a psychopath but you were very high functioning.

Sliding through the open window of your apartment you land in a crouch. For someone who has spent most of their teenage life in a mental asylum you have done pretty well for yourself. After your mother’s ‘mysterious’ disappearance you were lucky enough to inherit her wealth which you promptly used to buy a couple of multimillion dollar cosmetic companies; clearly after you had changed your name, you couldn’t have anyone identifying you as a former patient of Arkham . However as of two years ago the majority of your income comes from some of Gotham’s most infamous inhabitants.

You allow yourself a glance at the wall clock before making your way to the bathroom. Thankfully it is only one in the morning so you will be lucky enough to get a little sleep before you have to meet some friends for breakfast at seven. Early mornings are but one of the many disadvantages to being a high profile entrepreneur. Unravelling the long braid that runs down the middle of your back you stare at your reflection in the mirror. With the pale face makeup, dark purple lips and black face mask you look truly haunting. Peeling off the mask and removing the rest of your costume; a fitted leather one-piece, purple semi opaque tights, plum coloured gloves and black knee high combat boots, you step into the steaming hot shower. The water sprays over you, soothing your sore muscles and washing the makeup from your face. You stand amongst the steady stream of water for what must be an hour staring down at the purple welts that litter your body. Tonight’s mark fought back quite fiercely which is something that you rarely get from politicians. After your shower you dress in a pair of silk pyjamas and climb straight into bed. Your head sinks into the downy pillow comfortably and your breathing slows as you drift into a deep sleep. Your last thoughts are of that cackling laughter, that bright green hair and that permanent smile.
The Joker X Reader- Hired Help Pt 1
Part 1 of a random 3 parter I wrote during a lecture (oops) This is just to set up for the other 2 chapters which I promise will be amazing.

The next chapter of my hawkeye series is almost finished so don't worry i haven't forgotten 
Maria’s chest moved unevenly, her breathing dangerously shallow. You brushed a strand of dark hair from her face, fighting back tears.
“Stay with me.” You murmured, cradling her limp body in your arms.
Her eyelids fluttered open. “_______?” Her voice was like a gust of wind.
Swallowing back a sob you forced a smile. “I’m here you’re going to be alright.”
She winced. “I’m so cold.”
“I-it’s the blood that you’ve lost,” You answered, glancing down at the blood seeping out from her many bullet wounds. “But I’ll get you patched up and you will be as good as new.”
Maria swallowed, a tear rolling down her cheek. “Get the others, don’t worry about me.”
You shook your head, wiping away your own tears. “No I’m not going to just leave you. The others can wait.”
She offered you a weak smile. “Thankyou ______.”
You nodded in reply, unable to force any words from your mouth. You watched as she slowly closed her eyes, breathing gradually slowing. Her bottom lip trembled as she exhaled a breath, and you waited for her next inhale. But it never came. You sat on the floor stiffly, staring at her still face. Is that how it happened? One moment you’re talking and breathing then the next you just aren’t? You swallowed wiping a smear of blood from Maria’s chin. Somehow you kept surviving no matter what was thrown at you, and it would be a lie to say that it was because of your skill. Dumb luck would probably be the best explanation and unfortunately luck eventually ran out.  

You hadn’t known Maria well, but she had been one of the first few people at S.H.I.E.L.D to accept you immediately and for that you were thankful. Steadying yourself and setting your mind back on the present task ahead you stood. If ever there was a time to remain strong that time was now. You retrieved Maria’s weapons and ammo, as wrong as it felt you knew you had to make use of whatever resources you could. Swallowing you cleaned your face and slipped your sais back into place. If it hadn’t been personal before it was now, you were going to make your father pay for all he had put you and your friends through. He had made a very dangerous enemy and he probably didn’t even realize it yet. You were no longer a child. Stepping over the dead body of the guard who had killed Maria, you started through the door and down a long highly lit corridor. Where office cubicles may have once stood there were rows of empty cages. All of which were new and glistened in the bright lights, but as of yet they contained no one. Holding Maria’s handgun out before you, you silently placed one foot in front of the other keeping your eyes on the solid steel door only a few meters ahead of you. Instinctively you knew that it would be through that door that you would find your friends. The only problem was you would also find your enemies.

The steel door stood before you but you couldn’t bring yourself to touch it. Images of Maria being peppered with bullets flashed through your mind. Once you opened the door you would have almost no time to react. It was a given that the room beyond would be packed full of guards, and you could probably handle them on a level playing field. But those few seconds that it takes to fully swing a door open are enough for a guard to begin firing. You covered the doorknob with one shaking hand, the other clutching tightly to Maria’s gun. The fear was so strong that for a split second you considered turning away and fleeing. But you couldn’t do that, the time for acting like a child was over. It had been over the moment you had accepted Fury’s offer and got into that S.U.V on that rainy day. It was at that point that you had thrown away your youth. And you didn’t regret it one bit. Your life had been purposeless until you had joined S.H.I.E.L.D and met Clint. Closing your eyes you gathered your thoughts, you would need your wits about you if you were going to survive your next move.

Finally satisfied that there was nothing else you could do to ready yourself you turned the door knob. The slight creak as the door slowly swung open was magnified in your heightened state of awareness, as were the sounds of alarmed guards pointing their guns towards the door. Before you even consciously comprehended the danger before you, your body went into action. You flung yourself against the wall, slamming your back against it with such might that the air was forced from your lungs. You readied your gun and blindly fired around the corner until the cartridge was spent. Inhaling a deep breath of air you peeked your head around the corner. Two guards lay on the floor clutching bloody wounds in non-vital areas. Another three guards were pressed up against empty cells, their guns pointed towards you. You tucked your head in just before three sets of bullets assaulted the wall behind you. Dust rained down upon you in a white flurry stinging your eyes and clogging your lungs. You coughed, wiping whatever you could from your hair and face. You pulled the last set of rounds from your belt, fumbling with them as you tried to load them into the gun. After what felt like an eternity but had only really been a few seconds you rounded the corner, bracing yourself on one knee as you fired at the guards. One guard fell as a bullet ripped through his neck splashing blood over his comrades. They didn’t react as they fired their own weapons. You felt a bullet scrape past your shoulder but kept your cool for long enough to fire a shot at another guard. As he too collapsed you ducked back behind your wall.  

Gritting your teeth, you squinted at your shoulder. Blood was steadily seeping from a small gash and trickling in little rivulets down your arm. You were no stranger to losing a little blood and you quickly concluded that it looked far worse than it actually was.  After testing out the use of your arm and finding that the pain was bearable no matter the way you moved, you brought your focus back on to the guard in the room behind you. You could hear him reloading his rifle and murmuring something in Portuguese. Checking your own weapon you discovered that you only had one bullet left. Without allowing yourself a chance to panic you swung around the corner and fired. Unfortunately you had received very little training in the use of firearms and as a result you were average at best. The bullet went wide, skimming past the guard’s cheek and leaving a small wound like the one on your shoulder. You dropped the gun immediately and drew up your sais and began a mad dash towards the man a loud war cry escaping from your lungs. He smiled and lifted his gun. A bullet whizzed past your ear, stirring a few stray strands of hair. Another bullet brushed past your leg, tearing your suit and the underlying skin. You continued to move forward until you were directly in front of the guard. You executed a small but forceful kick at his hands and when his weapon left his grasp you stabbed out with both of your sais burying them into each of the man’s kidneys. The guard held your gaze as he died, dark eyes boring into your very soul. His final few breaths brushed over your face and then his body slumped over. You retracted your sais numbly and wiped them on the guard’s grey pullover. His eyes would forever be bored into your mind. Instead of being full of hate or fear as everyone else’s had been his eyes had been full of understanding. He was the first person that you had killed who had ever accepted the fact that you were both just doing your job.
“It’s about time you got here.” A familiar voice proclaimed, pulling you away from your thoughts.
Tony stood by the bars of his cell, arms crossed over his chest and wearing a very tired smirk. You felt your heart leap out of your chest and fought to keep the smile from your face. You had finally found them!
“The door release is somewhere over there,” Steve stated pointing to a small alcove. “I’ve been watching them since I woke up.”  
You nodded. “Ok I’ll go take a look, you two hold tight.”

You made your way down the corridor to the alcove, allowing yourself a quick glance into Clint’s cell on the way. He was leant up against the far wall, he looked weak and tired but he was conscious. You yearned to feel him in your arms once more, especially when he flashed you a mischievous smile as you passed. Your heart was thumping wildly in your chest as you rounded the corner into what must have been used as a break room. A large card table stood in the center of the tiled area surrounded by foldout chairs. A small sink and refrigerator took up the majority of the rear wall and were separated by a worn kitchen counter. There were two rows of small silver dials mounted on the wall to your left, each one with a small circular light fixed above it. Only three of the ten lights blinked steadily indicating that their corresponding cells were activated. You promptly turned all of the three dials to the left, satisfied when you heard small clicks as the doors were released. Exhaling a deep breath you rested your hands on the card table, relief surged through your system with such force you nearly collapsed into a heap right there. Fortunately the sounds of Tony’s cheers of triumph were enough to keep you in the moment.

You made your way to Clint’s cell to find that he was now standing. Despite the fact that he obviously felt like crap a broad smile stretched across his face.
“Hey.” You murmured stopping a few inches away from him.
His arms reached for you, smile never wavering. “You can hug me you know.”
You eyed the bandage wrapped tightly around his torso tentatively. “What happened to you?”
He tugged you towards him ignoring your small sounds of protest and firmly encompassed you. You felt him bury his head into your neck and you forgot all about his injury at that moment. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he seemed to explore the length of your body with his hands. His lips kissed small trails along your jawline as his hands made it to your hips.
But you soon pulled away smiling up at him sheepishly. “You need to save your energy.”
He ignored you yet again, brushing his lips against your bruised cheekbone, the very injury you had received from your own father.
“Clint stop it,” You spoke more firmly this time as you pushed him away. “I can’t do this at the moment.”
He nodded, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “I know and I’m sorry, I just thought I’d never see you again.”
You sighed placing your hand over his. “we’re ok now.”
“_____,” Tony poked his head into the cell. “We might have a little problem out here.”
You frowned. “More guards?”
“Think more on the lines of a large green man in need of some serious anger management.”
“Any chance he will recognize us as allies?” You questioned, feeling your heart pick up pace.
Tony scratched the back of his head. “The hulk isn’t known for asking questions and we’re the only ones in this room full of jail cells.”
“What about morphine, can’t we dose Bruce up and carry him out?” Clint asked.
You shook your head. “I don’t like the risk, if he wakes up while we’re carrying him we’re as good as dead.”
“Wait a minute,” Steve entered the little group discussion. “Do we know for sure that when he wakes he’s going to be ‘the other guy’?”
“Are you suggesting we hang around and find out?” You questioned skeptically.
Steve shook his head. “Not all of us, just one of us who can assist Bruce in getting out of here. You never leave a man behind.”
Clint placed a hand on your shoulder possessively. “Well I definitely can’t and ______’s staying with me.”
Tony shifted his weight uncomfortably. “I think you’re on your own cap.”
Steve smiled grimly, pulling his cowl back over his head. “I’ve survived worse, get to the elevators.”
You looked up at Clint, torn. “I’m going to stay and help.”
“What?” His hand subconsciously tightened on your shoulder.
Sighing you pulled away. “I’m sorry, but I’ve already lost Maria I’m not losing Steve as well.”
Clint opened his mouth to argue, but when he saw the firm set of your jaw he knew there was no use. He didn’t know what had happened to you since the afternoon but you had changed drastically.

You watched numbly as Clint and Tony slowly made their way out of harm’s way, Clint using Tony for support. Steve had moved to Bruce’s side to continue to monitor his progress. You didn’t want to see yourself separated from Clint when you had only just reunited with him but you knew you had to. If Bruce did happen to reawaken as the hulk; which you doubted, Steve would definitely require your help. A low groan made you start.
“He’s waking up.” Steve called to you, his blue eyes showing traces of apprehension.
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 47 Evolution
If you want some free time to have a social life and continue your hobbies don't to a double degree :c 
There are only two more chapters left to go which is really really scary. 


You pulled your hair back into a tight ponytail, gazing up at the towering building before you. It was made of an outdated grey brick that bore several years’ worth of built up grime. The many uniform windows glinted back at you villainously in the late afternoon sunlight, they were like a hundred sets of eyes watching your every move. You fiddled with the sais strapped to your waist. Before Natasha had found you in the Whitehouse she had found the weapon stores and appropriated a few choice items, including your sais.
“Are you sure this is the place?” You turned to Maria who was standing about a meter behind you.
She nodded, loading ammo into her small handgun. “It matches the description Agent Romanoff gave me.”
You turned back to the rundown, outdated office block. Fury had decided that your goal of protecting Clint would best be used to actually free him and the others. Surprisingly Maria was the one to volunteer to go with you, you knew very little of her but she seemed a highly capable agent.
“Ready to go Agent _____?”
Cracking your knuckles you smiled. “Let’s do this.”


Fury, Natasha and Thor watched as the scientist tinkered away with some small electronic devices made from the discarded technology that littered the streets.
“So these are going to work?” Natasha questioned skeptically.
Soldering wires together the scientist glanced up. “If all goes to plan, yes they will work.”
A frown crinkled Thor’s brow. “And these coloured threads will stop ______’s father from sending his message?”
The scientist sighed in exasperation. “They won’t stop him, but they will block the signal. Now please, I need complete silence if I’m going to do this right.”
“But how?” Thor continued to question.
The scientist clenched his jaw. “If I can get them collaborated properly, they will emit a strong radio signal that can stamp out any other signal being sent in the immediate vicinity.”

Thor’s eyes glazed over as he tried to make sense of all these strange new words. What was this radio signal that everyone kept talking about? He opened his mouth to ask when he felt a hand grab his arm.  
He looked down meeting the clear blue eyes of the warrior woman Natasha Romanoff. In some ways she was a lot like his friend Sif.
“Let’s leave him to his work, I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to answer your questions later,” Natasha forced a smile. “How about we go raid the kitchens and find some food?”
Thor grinned from ear to ear. “I hope there are pop tarts!”


Bullets flied over your head, wasps with a killer sting. Crouched behind an overturned desk you kept your head tucked down praying that the guards had a bad aim. At a sidelong glance you could see that Maria was in much the same predicament, back pressed up against an alcove just out of the bite of the bullets. You pulled a small silver orb from your belt, rolling it between your thumb and forefinger. To a layman it would look like nothing more than a ball bearing but it was in fact a small capsule of pepper spray. Once it was activated you would have only 30 seconds until it released a cloud of condensed mace which would hopefully incapacitate anyone nearby. However the downside was that it would most likely be recycled in the air-condition and probably affect both you and Maria as well. You had never been maced before and so had no idea what to expect, if by chance it was as bad as everyone said there was a real risk that you wouldn’t be able to work through it. You continued to roll the small unassuming ball between your fingers trying to come up with something, anything else that could get you out of the current situation unscathed. Alas no other method came to mind.

Twisting the two joined ends of the sphere you called out to Maria, hoping that your voice could be heard over the gunfire. “Close your eyes.”
Before awaiting her reply you rolled the ball across the floor, listening as it clicked against a wall. A guard called out urging his fellow men to retreat but it was too late, a large stream of vapor poured out of the tiny ball with a hiss. You heard the men and women crying out and coughing as they were assaulted by the mace. Clearing the back of your throat and wiping tears from your own eyes you stood taking advantage of the window you had created. Maria was by your side as you slashed out with your sais, wounding the guards around you. You coughed as tears flooded down your cheeks.
“Come on.” Maria urged, her own eyes bloodshot and tear rimmed.
You blindly followed behind her, wiping your eyes with the back of your hand.

After a brief discussion you both decided to use the stairs instead of the rickety old elevator. Not only did they appear a lot safer, but they would allow you to keep an ear out for any oncoming guards. According to Natasha the floor being used as a prison was on the seventh level which meant you had six flights to ascend. The last time you had to climb a lot of stairs you were bleeding to death so you definitely weren’t looking forward to it now. Maria automatically took the lead, climbing the stairs two at a time a gun drawn at all times. The stairwell was dusty, damp and dimly lit with emergency lights. Graffiti smeared the walls in colorful flashes of abuse and indiscernible scribbles. The strong scent of urine burnt your nostrils; this building must have been occupied by homeless until a few weeks ago. You traced your fingers over large fuchsia coloured bubble letters that declared Obama to be the Anti-Christ. You had to stifle a giggle, these people evidently didn’t really know what true evil was. At the fourth flight Maria silently gestured for you to stop. You did so, bracing your back against the wall as she pressed an ear to the chipped door.
“I think we should take the elevator the rest of the way.” She whispered.
You frowned. “We’ve already discussed this, the elevator leaves us too vulnerable.”
Pulling away from the door she flipped a strand of hair from her face. “So does this staircase, we’re vulnerable wherever we go. I just think that this is taking too long, they know that we’re here by now and there are only so many places to hide in this shit hole.”
You bit your lip weighing up the options. “But if Clint is injured we’ll need the elevator-“
“If Clint is injured we don’t have much time to waste,” She stated simply, cutting you off.  “Steve and Tony should be able to handle carrying him anyway.”
You nodded. “Makes sense I suppose. Ok.”
She smiled turning to the door and slowly forcing the rusty hinges to swing open.

Ducking your head around the corner of the doorway you singled out three guards, sipping coffee as they shuffled a deck of cards. Maria rolled her eyes mouthing the word ‘idiots’ before creeping towards them in a crouch. You took a slightly wider route and when Maria put one of them in a choke hold you slammed your fist into the back of one of their heads with a sickening crunch. Before his limp body even had the chance to slide down to the worn carpet the third man had snatched up his nightstick and clipped you on the side of the head with it. For a moment the world swayed and you had to grab a chair to steady yourself, which you then promptly lifted and swung at the guard knocking him off of his feet. He groaned clutching his ribs with one hand and fumbling for his baton with the other but before he could grasp it Maria aimed a sharp blow to the side of his head, knocking him out.
“How’s your head?” She asked shaking out her hand.
You prodded your head with your fingertips, frowning as they came away bloody. “I’ll survive, I’m usually faster than that.”
She shrugged. “You can’t always be the fastest. C’mon I think the lift is this way.”

The elevator was every bit as rundown as it had first appeared. The carpet was so threadbare it was almost inexistent, the single mirror that took up ¾ of the far wall was smashed and only one of the four overhead lights worked but it flickered constantly. Maria pushed the tarnished button that had a number seven stuck on it with a round sticker before leaning up against one of the walls. You frowned at the small box you had found yourself confined in, it smelt of a mixture of mice and dust. A voice so distorted that it was incompressible came over the speaker before the lift began to make its slow climb up the remaining three floors.
“You know, there is probably a big chance that this elevator will break down.” You stated as you moved to stand beside Maria.
She crossed her arms, glancing at her warped reflection in the smashed mirror. “You can climb right?”
“Climb?” You questioned.
“We’ll just climb up the elevator shaft.” She replied, wiping a smudge of dirt from her cheek.
You felt your heart pick up pace at the mention of climbing. One thing that you weren’t that good at was climbing. Mainly due to the fear of heights you tried to keep secret.

After what felt like a millennium the Elevator finally made it to the seventh floor. The doors opened and the speaker crackled with the distorted voice. Flashing Maria a tentative smile you stepped out first, cautiously looking around the new floor. Unlike all of the others this level had been thoroughly cleaned and updated. The carpet was still threadbare and stained in places but it lacked the thick scattering of dust that all of the other floors seemed to possess. All of the walls had received a fresh coat of ivory paint, covering all graffiti that may have been present and there didn’t seem to be any abandoned office supplies anywhere in sight.
Maria scratched her eyebrow looking left and then right. “Shame there aren’t any signs.”
“I don’t think we need any, look.”
You pointed to a pair of women dressed in matching light grey singlets and black tights. They were leisurely making their way out of a nearby room, talking in hushed tones.
“I officially hate my job.” The shorter of the two proclaimed.  
Her companion replied in a strong Brazilian accent. “You’re getting paid to keep your eyes on four gorgeous men, what’s to hate?”
The American rolled her eyes replying sarcastically. “Yeah, it’s great doing nothing all day but watching people sulk in cells.”
The Brazilian had opened her mouth to reply but at that moment she suddenly noticed you and Maria.

Maria acted instantly, cocking her pistol and then firing once and then twice. The two women’s bodies crumpled to the floor in a pile. You gawped at the sight eyes wide and mouth partially open.
“There’s no time for messing around ______, this is a war and people die in a war.” Maria stated, obviously picking up on your moment of shock.
You knew she was right, you had killed a number of people yourself but it still didn’t seem justified.
Maria strode out towards the door, stepping over the small puddle of blood beginning to form on the carpet. “Get your weapons ready, everyone on this floor would have heard that.”
Sliding the sais from your belt you moved to join her, giving the bodies of the women as wide a berth as possible. Maria reached out for the doorknob hand just about to wrap around it when the door was flung open. A huff of breath was forced from your lungs and everything began to move in slow motion. A guard stood on the other side of the door an assault rifle at the ready, she pulled the trigger and the gun went off. Dropping down to the ground you rolled to the side away from the initial stream of bullets. Maria screamed out, she wasn’t as lucky. She was hit in the stomach twice and then as she turned to run the ribs. Her gun left her hand and she collapsed on the floor, a low moan bubbling from her throat. Leaping up you sprinted toward the guard as she tried to reload her rifle. She tried to block your blows with her rifle but there was only so much she could do. You were nimble and moved both of the sais in perfect synchronization they slashed out knocking the weapon from the woman’s hands. She brought her hands up to defend herself but you stabbed out with such force that your sai pierced straight through her hand, coming out at the other side. Her screams echoed throughout the hall before you buried your other sai in her abdomen. She gasped as you retracted both weapons with the grace of a master of martial arts and then fell to her knees. Without even giving the guard a second look you rushed to the aid of Maria, praying that she was still alive.
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 46 Guerrilla Warfare
Oh my glob guys according to my rough planning sheets there may only be two or three chapters left of this series... I don't know how I feel about this at the moment :/ anyway, I hope you enjoy


Whispered voices echoed all around you. They were all familiar but your mind wouldn’t make the jump it needed to identify them. The air was stuffy and smelt of dust, sweat and blood. A sharp pricking sensation in your hand caused you to flinch. You ran your tongue over your teeth, your mouth was so dry.
“I think she’s waking up.” A voice said.
Half opening your eyes, you surveyed your surroundings cautiously. You were lying on a dusty carpet amongst the shattered remains of chairs and other furniture. Although your vision was still hazy you could identify the faces of Natasha, Fury, Maria and the scientist you had never found out the name of.
“Hi,” You croaked. “What’s up?”  
The scientist smiled at you. “That Morphine wore off a lot faster than I had anticipated.”
You sat up, raking a hand through your tangled hair. “Perks of being a super soldier I guess,” You glanced at Fury. “And don’t you try and deny it buddy.”
Natasha smirked, offering her hand out to you.

After you’d been given something to drink and settled yourself atop a large desk; you were in a ruined hotel, you began an in depth explanation of your experience from the moment you had separated from the others. Everyone seemed genuinely surprised to hear of the betrayal of your father, but no one showed any sympathy. It was a different life you were living now, stuff like emotions obviously just got in the way.
Maria who had found herself the only unbroken chair turned to Tash. “Is there any way of getting back in the Whitehouse without being spotted?”
“I don’t think so,” Tash frowned. “It was just luck that I got in, and then to get _____ out I had to go through a lot of guards. Security will be even tougher now.”
Fury nodded. “I think the real problem we have is knowing who it is we can trust. Once we know that we can send teams to storm the building.”
“Where are the others?” You asked
“They’re all still locked up in a heavily guarded office space,” Tash frowned. “Clint was too injured to leave with me, and I didn’t have enough time to even think about freeing anyone else.”
“What?” You shouted, leaping up off of the desk. “Are you insane, Clint’s injured and you just leave him there to rot?’
“Please _________, I-“
You felt your blood boil as you stared at the pretty red head beside you. “I’m going to kill you.” You spoke through gritted teeth before poising your body to spring on top of her.

Before you could make your move arms wrapped tightly around your waist.
“Let go of me!” You screamed as you tried to wrestle your way out of Maria’s surprisingly strong grasp.
“_______ calm down,” She replied steadily in your ear. “Barton asked her to leave him.”
Letting your body go lax you glanced at Tash. “He asked you to leave him?”
She nodded. “He wanted me to find you.”
“But why?” You asked.
Maria placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “_______ now is not the time to break down, we need you to have a level head if-“
Pulling away you glared at her. “I’m so sick of being told that. I’m not a robot believe it or not I have feelings. I can only push back so much Maria.”
“I know but-“
“But nothing,” You interrupted tearfully. “It doesn’t matter where I am or what the cause I’m never allowed to cry anymore. I haven’t seen my family or friends since I joined, I’ve killed people, the entire world is in danger, my dad turns out to be psychotic and now my boyfriend is severely injured and locked up in some cell. Please just give me a moment to process it all.”
You didn’t give anyone time to reply, storming off deeper into the hotel. All you were asking for was a little moment to cry and gather your thoughts, was it really that hard for them to understand?

Finding yourself an unlocked hotel room you settled yourself down on a large double bed. The sheets were perfectly made and the room was clean, still carrying the distinct aromas of cleaning products. It was a little piece of normalcy, which was exactly what you needed at that moment. You stared at the framed picture of a generic holiday destination with dry eyes. Where were all of the tears you had been fighting off just moments ago? There was a quiet tap on the door.
“Come in.” You murmured just loud enough.
“Mind if I take a seat?” Tash asked.
You shrugged silently.
You felt the bed depress under the new weight. “We’re all scared _____.”
“Yeah right,” You scoffed. “You’re all used to this crap by now.”
“You never get used to it, you just get better at hiding your fear.” She placed her hand on top of yours. “Believe it or not _____ we need you. You might just be the only one who can get us through this.”
“Why me?” You questioned meeting her eyes.
“You and your father think alike.”
“No we don’t” You protested.
She smiled. “You do, and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. He is a very bright man ______ he sees the world in a different light. Unfortunately something went wrong and he’s chosen the wrong path. We need you because no one else can think the same way you and he do.”
You nodded, inhaling a deep breath. “I guess it’s just the five of us against the world.”
“Six actually.” Natasha replied with a smirk.
“Six?” You frowned.
She stood, fluffing out her hair. “Fury finally got into contact with Thor.”

The new man standing in the hotel lobby was huge. His body was so heavily muscled he looked like some kind of body builder. He was easily one of the most attractive men you had ever met. He appraised you as you approached, and for the first time you began to question your abilities. After all Thor was the god of thunder and prince of Asgard, you were just a young girl who had been lucky to receive some minor doses of super soldier serum and have the bones in one of your arms replaced.
“Thor I’d like you to meet Agent _______.” Fury gestured to you.
You smiled, holding out your hand. “Hi.”
His hand clasped around yours with a pressure that would probably break normal bone. You saw everyone tense up around you, expecting to hear a telltale snap. Thankfully your adamantium upgrade held up to the strain.
“Quite a handshake you’ve got there.” You jested, rubbing your hand once he had finally released it.
He grinned. “I have learnt that Midgardians appreciate strong handshakes.”
You nodded, feeling sorry for the next person to make the mistake of shaking Thor’s hand.  

After exchanging pleasantries with Thor for a few brief moments conversation once again turned serious.
“________ you need to give us an in depth description of your father’s plan.” Fury’s single eye bored into you.
“I think I’ve told you all I know. He’s using this disease to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D and any organizations like it. The civilians that are being injured and killed mean nothing to him at the moment.”
Maria frowned. “Surely there’s more than that,” She looked at you seriously. “What would you do if you were in his situation and wanted the same things he did.”
“I don’t know,” You pursed your lips, not liking the way that everyone was waiting for your response. “I guess in his own fucked up way he is achieving world peace. Everyone infected no matter their country, religion or other beliefs is fighting towards the same cause. Once he succeeds in stamping out S.H.I.E.L.D and anything else that could pose as a resistance he’ll probably take it upon himself to keep the peace by becoming the world leader. Under just one leader everyone will be united, and if there is any resistance he can just reinfect the individuals and turn them into his personal body guard.”
Could all you said really be what he’s thinking? Natasha said that you thought the same way he did, and it would be the way you would do things. But you couldn’t know for certain, it was all just a bunch of assumptions.

“Well that is definitely an issue.” Natasha was the first to speak after your little speech.
Thor must have seen the troubled expression on your face because he clapped you on the shoulder. “Do not feel guilt for the wrong doings of others, he may be family but he is not like you are.”
You looked up, meeting his gaze. “That’s the problem Thor, I think we’re exactly alike.”
Fury, who had been having a private conversation with Maria reclaimed everyones attention. “Right, this is what we are going to do.”
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Greetings everyone,

So as most of you probably know, my Hawkeye series has very nearly reached its conclusion. If all goes to plan there will only be another 5 maybe 6 chapters. So I can't help but think that without an ongoing series to strive towards finishing I may begin to slow down with writing Reader Inserts. To stop that from happening i'll probably take up another series (though it will be much shorter then this one) This is where you come in watchers. I need inspiration, and ideas. I wnat to know what it is you're looking for in a new series. Of course I don't expect you to give me an entire plot layout (that's my job) But what I do want is lets call it an expression of interest. Tell me what fandom/pairing you would most read and the sort of personality traits you want from the reader. 

The following fandoms are the ones i'm most comfortable doing, of course if you have other ideas feel free to express them and I may just decide to challenge myself. 

Marvel Universe Obviously I don't know the ins and outs of every single character but i'm comfortable with a fair amount of them

DC Universe I'm a Marvel girl so i'm less confident with this, though I know an insane amount about Batman and his corresponding villans

Harry Potter

Doctor Who I've watched some of the old ones with doctors 1-8 but not enough to really do the characters much justice so its probably best if i stick with new who 


Labyrinth yes I totally have a thing for David Bowie now shhh

True blood

There are probably more but i'm feeling to lazy to think any harder now, so if you are one of the very few people who have probably read this I would really apreciate your help. Hell,  I'll include the person who gives me the winning suggestion in the story. 



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I'm mostly focused on writing reader inserts, though also write alot of original work. (I just choose not to upload much of it) I also draw, but I don't like to share any of my sketches cause every artist on this site is 100 times better then I could ever hope to be.

My fandoms are as follows;

Doctor Who
True Blood
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter

That's all I can think of at the moment, though i'm sure there is more :c

I no longer take requests though I do, do offer commissions. Note me for prices ect.

If you for what ever reason wanna get to know me you're free to add me on Facebook…

I'm a proud slytherin, so no flaming the snakes when I'm around >:I


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