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The fifteen minute drive back to the wharf was complete hell. You stared out of the window, not really paying attention to the city that passed by you. Every now and then you would allow yourself a quick glance at Clint. More often then not his hands were gripping tightly to the steering wheel, his knuckles white. Unbelievably your heart beat sped up further when you noticed the bulge in his pants. You bit your lip locking your hands together tightly. Never before had you endured such desire for someone.

After what felt like a century the car slowed and sluggishly made its way to a sheltered parking space. When the engine cut off you sat stiffly, still gazing unseeingly out of the dark window. It was time. The walk to Clint’s dorm was almost unbearable. You both struggled to reign yourselves in as you walked the long weaving corridors, passing other agents who greeted you with tilts of the head or murmured “evenings”. The hardest part was remembering that it was forbidden for two colleagues to consort, let alone an S.O and his trainee.

At long last you arrived at the dark grey door. Clint swiftly pulled a keycard from his wallet and scanned it. The door unlocked with a loud click and Clint pushed it open.
“Well this is it. Though I expect you’re mostly familiar with the layout.”
You smiled as you took in your surroundings. The room was just like yours; Dark coloured walls, light grey carpet, a double bed in the far corner with dark blue sheets, a small uncomfortable sofa only a few shades darker then the carpet and a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall.  Your eyes were drawn to an addition to the boring décor, a series of small targets some with arrows still hanging out of them.

You had been so preoccupied with the targets that you hadn’t noticed him close the gap between you until his arms snaked around your waist. You jolted slightly but quickly recovered, leaning against him. His lips brushed the nape of your neck. Exhaling slowly you smiled.
His breath tickled your ear as he whispered huskily. “I’m going to try and take this slow, but I don’t know how strong my self control is.”
You turned in his arms, bringing your hand up to his cheek. “I trust you.”
His mouth pressed against yours. You gave him complete dominance, allowing his tongue to explore every inch of your mouth. His hands moved down your back until they cupped your buttocks. Before you had acknowledged it you had locked your legs around either side of his hips. He supported your weight easily, as his mouth continued to assault yours. Pulling your mouth from his you began to shyly nibble his neck, copying the way you had seen it done in the movies. Removing his jacket he grunted, a very primal sound that encouraged you further.

He lay you down on the bed, pushing your back against the headboard. Kicking your shoes off you giggled blushing slightly. You gazed at each other for a moment before you felt his hands run up your thigh. Trembling, you hastily pulled the band from your hair allowing it to cascade around you in thick (h/c) waves. He smiled, gently running his fingers through it as you struggled to unbutton his shirt. He chuckled, finding humor in your inexperience.
You faked a frown. “Shut up.”  
He smirked, assisting you with the last button and discarding his shirt on the floor. You gasped as your fingers gently traced the outline of a long scar across his stomach. His eyelids fluttered closed as he let out a contented sigh. Steadying yourself with a deep breath you unzipped your dress and slid it off. Clint opened his eyes, gazing at you as if you were the most beautiful thing in the world.  
“I-I don’t want to disappoint you.” You confessed almost inaudibly
He trailed his hand along the length of your stomach. “You’re perfect.”
“But the scars…” You trailed off, looking at the many scars you had acquired since being at S.H.I.E.L.D, especially the still slightly tender ones on your thighs.
“We all have scars.” He leant down gently kissing every single one of them leaving the one on your upper thigh for last.

You couldn’t take anymore after that. Your hands instinctively reached for the button of his pants. They were discarded like the rest of the clothes. Catching on to your passion he skillfully unclasped your bra, throwing it against the far wall. You kissed him again, pushing yourself against him. Shyly, you tugged at the waistband of his boxers.
He chuckled deeply, pushing you back. “I thought we were going to take this slow.”
“That was your idea not mine.” You replied breathlessly.
He smirked, “Very well then.” With one fluid motion he discarded his boxers.
Your breath hitched in your throat as you took in the undeniable god like beauty of the man in front of you. He grinned, obviously taking delight in your reaction. He moved towards you, deliberately taking it slow. Wrapping your arms around his neck you kissed him gently as he removed your underwear.

Clint slowly placed you on your back, his eyes locked onto yours as he hovered above you. “Are you ready for this __________?”
You nodded silently, butterflies returning to your stomach.
“This is going to hurt.” He slowly lowered himself, huffing out a breath as he entered you.
You gritted your teeth, tensing as you felt the sting. “Shit.”
His brow was furrowed with concern. “Do you want me to stop?”
The pain was quickly subsiding, it was nothing compared to what you’d experienced. “No, keep going.”
He kissed you on the cheek as he began to work up a rhythm. It wasn’t long until any bit of pain you had felt was forgotten. Your matched his thrusts with your own, fingers stroking his muscular back. A loud moan escaped your lips as he caressed your breast, mouth nibbling at your neck. Some sort of natural cue caused you to accelerate the tempo, each thrust becoming stronger and more desperate. His hands soon moved to your hips, pushing even deeper into you. You just about screamed as your body began to shudder. You heard his own gasp as he too began to tremble. Panting he rolled to the side, laying on his back beside you. Your hands clawed at the sheets as you stared up at the ceiling, completely at a loss for words. That was even better then you had expected.

Clint propped himself up on an elbow satisfied smile on his lips. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat, the striking muscular structure of his body more apparent. You gazed at him in wonder. What could this man ever see in you?
He pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. “You look exhausted.”
You smiled drowsily. “Only a little.”
His hand traced the line of your jaw as he laughed. “Get some sleep ______. I’ll still be here in the morning.”
You allowed your eyes to close, lulled to sleep by his gentle caresses. This was the best night of your life.
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 35 Dessert
well here it is the lemon XD I found this surprisingly difficult to write. I didn't want to cheapen this series by making it a hardcore smut chapter, but I didn't want to disappoint people by writing something to tame :I I'm sorry if I got it wrong, or it wasn't what you expected.

Previous: Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 34 Family Matters

“Clint….” You pushed the peas around your plate.
“Mmm?” He looked up, mouth full of salmon.
“I was wondering whether you ever met my father.”
Clint shifted in his seat, clearing his throat uncomfortably. “I met him briefly, yes.”
Your eyes widened. “What was he like as an agent?”
“He was one of the best. Your father was Fury’s go to agent for anything difficult, including apprehending me.”
You nodded chewing a small mouthful of food before replying. “Is that why Fury wanted me so badly? Because he thought I would be like my father?”
Clint gave you a questioning look.
Sighing you elaborated. “I remember on the helicarrier when you mentioned him wanting me badly.”
“You have a good memory,” setting down his knife and fork he looked at you steadily. “I’m not meant to say anything, or at least not so early. But I’m not going to lie to you for the sake of Fury. You’re more important to me then he is.”
You took a large swig of wine, something told you, you were going to need it.

“The first thing you need to know is that Fury believes in the greater good, to him a few lives lost mean nothing if the overall effect is saving millions. He is big on the experimental testing of different technologies and serums on his agents, in hope that one day he will be capable of creating a super soldier, or rather a super agent.”
You tilted your head. “Like Captain America?”
“No,” Clint shook his head with a smile. “Better then Captain America. Steve Rogers is physically strong, but imagine someone who is brilliant both mentally and physically. They would be close to unstoppable.”
“What’s this got to do with me?” You scraped up the last of your pie.
“Your father was an amazing agent, loyal and physically fit. When Fury heard the news that his wife, your mother, was expecting their first child, a light bulb went off. Naturally the child would inherit some of its father’s abilities, and perhaps with a little training every day, the ideals of an agent would be imprinted onto it.”
You recalled how much all of your father’s lessons had come in handy recently. Had he bonded with you just to appease Fury? You felt your heart drop.
“Of course training wouldn’t be enough, some people have what it takes and others don’t. So within your childhood immunisations Fury hid a diluted version of the super soldier serum.”

“But it didn’t work,” You forced a smile, though you felt as if your life was crashing down around you. “I’m completely normal, except for the metal arm of course.”
Clint nodded. “That’s what Fury thought as well, he tried to talk your father into upping the dose but he refused. So the case was closed as a failure. Of course Fury was always aware of your achievements, but he just considered it to be due to your training and natural abilities.”
You inhaled a deep breath. “Then why did he still want to recruit me?”
“Because even though he thought the serum to be a failure you were still your father’s daughter. Then you were almost killed by Crimson Dynamo. Not only were you surprisingly resilient to your injuries but there was also an issue with finding your blood type. And then, as if that wasn’t enough. You’re tortured, injured terribly and yet you are still able to complete your mission.”
You stared at him, bottom lip trembling. “S-so it worked?”
Clint smiled. “That’s the beauty of it all, there is no proof to say it did or didn’t. I don’t think it matters anyway.”
You don’t think it matters?” Your eyebrows shot up.
“No, I don’t. Because no matter whether the serum assisted you or not, what you have achieved is utterly amazing. Plus, I’m almost certain that your personality hasn’t been affected, and that is one of the main things I love about you.”
You tried to smile but couldn’t manage it; it was as if everything you had thought you knew about your father was a lie.

Clint watched you patiently, his eyes full of sympathy. You knew that everything he had just told you had happened before he was even a rouge assassin, so you held no disgust for him. Fury would be in for a rude shock tomorrow, you were going to confront him and ask him to explain everything. If he kicked you out of S.H.I.E.L.D so be it. You didn’t want to be involved in a place so built on deceit anyway. Taking a huge lungful of air you brought your mind back to the present. All of this could wait until tomorrow, at the moment you had much more exciting things to worry about.
“Thankyou for telling me.”
“I’m sorry I had to”
You both sat in silence for a few moments before Clint asked for the bill. Your stomach filled with butterflies as the waitress handed him the large black folder. The uneasiness you felt was nearly equal to the uneasiness you had felt before the ill fated mission. It was stupid really, it wasn’t like you were about to journey to your demise, where you?

“Would you like to take a walk down by the river? It’s nice this time of night.” Clint’s voice penetrated your thoughts.
You smiled at him. “Sure, sounds like a good idea.” Anything to postpone the inevitable decision you would soon have to make.
You walked hand in hand, gazing out at the sparkling black water. The reflected city lights shimmered, becoming distorted when a ferry passed by. Although the walkway you used was crowded you couldn’t help but feel an unusual tranquillity. It was as if Clint and you were the only people in the world at that moment. Clint soon guided you to a dimly lit patch of parkland. You marvelled at the fact you no longer felt any sort of apprehension for going off into the dark. It wasn’t just because Clint was with you either; you knew you were capable of handling just about anything now.

You both pushed yourselves up onto a 3 meter high retaining wall. Any passers by would defiantly be confused as to how you had climbed up there. Especially with the crazy ass heels you were wearing. Clint wrapped his arm tightly around your shoulders, his warmth kept the cold night air at bay. You rested your head against his shoulder, breathing in his scent with a sigh. You felt him kiss the crown of your head as you sat in silence. No one needed to talk, something that was very peculiar for a relationship as young as yours. The calm lasted for an hour before Clint broke the silence.
“You’re quiet tonight.”
You looked up, mystified by how beautiful he looked in the moonlight. “I don’t feel as if I need to speak. I feel perfectly comfortable just sitting here in silence with you.”
He smiled, his fingers trailing down your cheek. “I feel the same way.”
You closed your eyes, tilting your head into his hand. He chuckled under his breath before pulling you by the waist to sit on his lap. You felt his lips brush the back of your neck causing you to shiver. You turned your head, intercepting his lips with yours. He smiled as he kissed you passionately. Before you registered it you were on your back, Clint precariously hovering over you. The top of the retaining wall was small, one wrong move and you’d both fall 3 meters. Obviously oblivious to the situation, Clint continued to kiss you, arm wrapped firmly around your waist.
“Clint.” You were just able to manage between kisses.
He drew back, though his face was still extremely close to yours.
“I think we’re about to fall.” Your voice was but a murmur, you wanted the feel of his lips on yours again.
He chuckled, pushing his body against yours. “Don’t worry, I have excellent balance.”
His lips began to brush against your throat, without even thinking your head tilted back as a low moan escaped your lips.  

You heard someone clear their throat. You jumped and would’ve plummeted off of the edge if it hadn’t been for Clint’s quick reflexes. He held you tight against his chest.
“I’m so sorry to interrupt you,” The voice was deep and full of sarcasm. “But I’m afraid you’ll both have to get down from there.”
You pulled yourself away from Clint, gasping when you saw the stern police officer looking up at you.
“My apologies Officer.” Clint spoke with great respect, even though technically it should have been the other way around.  
The officer scowled at you. “How old are you miss?”
You realized in disgrace, that the officer thought Clint to be taking advantage of you. “I’m 18.”
“And you?” He glared at Clint.
“27, I don’t see how it matters how old I am I-“
The officer shook his head. “I don’t know how you do it in America son, but here in Australia police deserve respect.”
You scoffed, sliding off of the wall and nimbly landing in a crouch just in front of the officer. “We’ll listen to your orders, and treat you with the respect you deserve. But don’t think that means you have any right to disregard us.”
Clint’s laugh echoed through the night as he jumped down beside you. He wrapped his arm around your waist, whispering into your ear. “Are you ready to go back for dessert?”
You felt your entire body heat up at the thought of being even closer to Clint. Now you knew that you definitely would be able to go through with it. He must have felt your reaction because with a nod of his head to the officer, he led you back to the purple Dodge Charger. You felt your heart begin to flutter. This was really about to happen.
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 34 Family Matters
woo so dinner's over which means its time to go back for dessert ;) which also means the next chapter is going to be a lemon. If you don't like lemons don't fret nothing big is going to happen in that chapter so you can miss it. 

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The restaurant itself was superb. Small round tables were scattered about the large dining room. Each table was covered by a thick crimson table cloth, and in the centre was a small crystal vase full of sweet smelling roses. The majority of light came from large candles of differing shades of red, gold and silver. At the rear of the main dining room was a shiny black piano, being played by a refined looking middle aged man. You smiled as a cheerful waitress led you to a table by a large window overlooking a beautiful river. Clint thankfully took it upon himself to order the wine. You were much too preoccupied with your surroundings to try and decipher any of the strange sounding names and years. He seemed to enjoy your apparent astonishment, his mouth turning up at the corners every time you attempted to form words.

By the time the wine had arrived you had acclimatized to the luxury surrounding you. Until a man who looked exactly like Sam Worthington entered the room. You just about spat out your wine, as you watched him slowly make his way to the table next to yours. He must have caught your stunned expression because he flashed you a dazzling smile as he took his seat. Clint shifted uncomfortably, suddenly finding the list of entrees extremely interesting. Forcing yourself to swallow, and trying to play down the blush you knew was blooming in your cheeks you gazed down at the menu yourself. Though the majority of the dishes listed were in a foreign language.

“Umm, I’m going to be honest here. I have no idea what any of these are.” You carefully set down your wine glass.
Clint’s brow furrowed. “Neither do I.”
You smirked. “Haven’t you been here before?”
He raised his gaze to meet yours, his face was completely serious. “I usually just get KFC.”
You began to laugh, covering your mouth in an attempt to quell the sound. His own chuckle began to join yours, until tears were flowing from both of your eyes.
He leant towards you, his voice but a whisper. “I dare you to ask Sam Worthington .”
Your eyes widened. “No way! He probably already thinks I’m a freak.”
Clint’s mouth pinched into a thin line. “I doubt that, he can’t keep his eyes off of you.”
You scoffed. “Exactly, because he thinks I’m a freak.”
He rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you just admit that you’re sexy as hell, and that almost every man in this place wants you?”
You faked a wounded expression. “Almost everyone?”
His expression became dead serious. “I don’t want you _______. I need you.”
Your face grew red, and you felt your heart pick up pace. There was a moment when you swore you were going to faint, but luckily you soon regathered composure. Of course none of this was lost on Clint, he noticed everything.

The waitress finally made her way over, her small notepad poised and ready to take the orders. You shifted uncomfortably, averting your gaze to the menu that still appeared to be in gibberish. Clint had been forced to search the names of some of the dishes on the internet, in hope that you would at least know what to expect of the ingredients.
“Evening, sir, madam. Are you both ready to order?”
Clint cleared his throat, glancing back down at the menu. “We’ll have the Ail Beurre  Escargot  to start us off.”
You frowned, garlic butter snails didn’t really sound appetising, but it would be interesting to give them a try.
“Followed by the crème champignon soupe.”
You watched as the waitress quickly jotted down the orders. Cream mushroom soup didn’t seem too bad.
“And for the mains I will have the grille saumon and she will have the poulet and truffle tourte.”
The waitress smiled. “And for dessert?”
You and Clint both caught each other’s eye. Blushing red you pretended to be interested in your wine glass.
He replied politely. “Not tonight thankyou.”

The meals now ordered you were both able to finally relax. A waiter refilled your wine glasses and then Clint went off on a long spiel about his life before S.H.I.E.L.D. You listened intently, as he guiltily went through his career as an assassin.
“And then I was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D, though I was still working as an assassin, it felt as if I was doing good. The majority of my targets were people who deserved it. Then I was sent to eliminate The Black Widow. She was easily one of the best out there, we fought and I honestly think it was just plain luck that I was able to over power her. But I couldn’t complete my mission, I saw bits of myself in her. And I knew that if I hadn’t of been recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D that I would’ve ended up hunted by them. I spared her life and offered her a position, even though I knew it was not my place to recruit.”
You smiled. “No wonder Tash feels the way she does. You literally saved her life.”
He took a sip of wine. “No, Nat isn’t like that. If anything she resents anyone who saves her. I think it’s just because we’re so alike.”
You tilted your head. “Were you two ever more then what you are now? Don’t answer if you don’t wan-“
“I assume you want me to be completely honest?”
You nodded silently.
“No, we never slept together, though I think there were a few times when we very nearly did. During a mission in Budapest for instance,” He sighed. “But I’m glad it never happened.”

The escargot arrived a few minutes later, and you weren’t surprised to find that it was every bit as disgusting as it sounded. Clint took one timid nibble before sculling the rest of his glass of wine and pushing the plate away from himself. You gave it a little more of a chance to grow on you, but after consuming two of the chewy creatures you threw in the towel. What made it so much worse was the fact that they were served inside of their shells.

“Ok, I have to know. What was your first impression of me?” Clint gazed at you from under his eyelashes, looking more like a shy little boy then a highly skilled assassin.
You smiled, scooping up a spoonful of soup. “Can’t remember.”
He rolled his eyes. “Aww c’mon.”
Grinning like a Cheshire cat you answered. “I remember being surprised that you weren’t as daunting as Fury was.”
“There has to be more then that.”
You shrugged, revelling in his exasperated frown. “I might remember better if you tell me yours first.”
“Alright, my very first thought was that you were way too young for this sort of work. I then started to see hints of your personality and began to second guess myself. You seemed so sure of yourself, and didn’t appear intimidated by Fury what so ever. In a few hours my whole impression of you changed, and I found myself… attracted to you. Which I have to admit worried me, it still does.”
You frowned, feeling a little hurt. “You’re worried that you’re attracted to me?”
“Of course I am. I’m so much older then you are. Sometimes it makes me feel disgusted in myself.”
“But I’m legally an adult so-“
“It doesn’t change the fact that I’m almost 10 years older then you are,” He sighed. “If you knew how much I want you, and for how long I’ve wanted you, you would be disgusted as well.”

You sat back in your chair, watching him in silence for a moment before replying. “When you first walked into that room, I thought you were the hottest thing I’d ever seen. I couldn’t keep my eyes, or mind off of you. And then I got to know you and my feelings just increased.”
He grimaced. “I thought you hated me at first.”
You remembered the issues at the hospital. “No, no way! I was scared, and disappointed in myself for being injured before I’d even started my new life. You were there acting protective over me and I didn’t know how to react, so I lashed out.”
He smiled, his hand reaching out to squeeze yours. “I’m glad we made up.”
“Me too Clint.” You whispered, eyes on the crimson table cloth.
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 33 Taste of Luxury
I'm personally not into Sam Worthington at all but it was the first Australian actor to come into my mind that wasn't in some way connected to the Marvel universe. Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying the date :) I know I like writing it.

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A week had passed since the nightmare mission. You hadn’t returned to the industrial like headquarters, instead Fury had allowed you to stay onboard the Helicarrier. Your injuries healed surprisingly fast, you were walking somewhat normally in no time. You had been in the small training room, practicing your hand to hand combat with an unknown male when Clint approached you. You flashed him a smile, as you continued to dodge and block the onslaught of punches that were being thrown your way. When there was an opening, you mad a sweeping motion with your leg, knocking the agent off of his feet with a thunk.
“Looks like you’re almost back to normal.” Clint greeted you with a quick kiss.
“I wish, I’m struggling to regain my agility. I’m starting to worry I’ll never get it back.”
He chuckled shaking his head. “It’s only been a week ______, besides; your agility seems to be pretty good to me.”  
You looked over at the agent who was getting back onto his feet. He had an expression of pure embarrassment on his face, whether it was because you were a woman or because you were a rookie you couldn’t work out.

“So, I think I promised you a date.” Clint was walking alongside you, his hand gently resting on the small of your back.
You grinned, playing with the silver necklace around your neck. “You going to wine and dine me?”
He laughed. “Of course, and then we go back to my room for dessert.” He winked.
You blushed, averting your eyes. You’d never been that far with someone before, and the idea of doing it with someone who was quite obviously experienced made you nervous.
The smile faded from his face. “Unless you don’t want to, I’m fine with that.”
You looked up with a nervous smile. “I’ve just never…” You trailed off, looking down again.
His hand grasped yours. “Lets just see what happens then, if you feel that you’re not ready for it, I won’t force you.”
You nodded silently, heart quickening its pace. You wanted it, but you didn’t want to disappoint him with your inexperience.

*A Few hours later*

Natasha had offered to help you get ready, at first you had declined for obvious reasons, but after awhile you had given into her persistence. She had somehow gotten permission from Fury to take you out to buy a new outfit. She took you to a few stores that you considered overpriced, but she assured you that the clothes were worth it. After buying a pair of killer Prada heels, and a stunning Louis Vuiton cocktail dress you began to become concerned that you had spent your entire pay check. It turned out S.H.I.E.L.D payed its agents well, you were practically loaded. She then convinced you to go into Victoria’s Secret, and blushing the entire time, much to the amusement of both Tash and the store clerk, you bought yourself a nice ensemble, that was sexy but in a tasteful understated way.

“You look great, maybe just a little more lipstick.” You puckered your lips as Natasha applied another coat of dark red.
You glanced down at your dress, running your hands over the expensive fabric, starting to second guess your choice. Maybe you should’ve gone for something a little less tight.
Her hand intercepted yours. “Don’t fret ______, you look gorgeous. He’ll love it, all of it.”
You sighed. “I’ve never been on a date like this before.”
She tilted her head quizzically. “What kind of dates have you been on before?”
Your face turned red, as you were once again forced to realize your dating inexperience. “The first was with the schools ‘leading man’,” You snickered. “Everyone thought he was so handsome and gifted, and was going to be the next big thing in Hollywood, I was never so sure though. We went to the movies, his choice of course, and lets just say I’ve never been into long winded dramas that go for four hours. He was kind of sweet, but our relationship only lasted about a month.”
She smirked, putting away her makeup. “Any others?”
“Well, I had pizza with one of the football players, though at the time I thought it was just as friends. Until he moved in for the kiss of course.” You winced, remembering the way he had unexpectedly lunged towards you.
Natasha glanced up, eyebrows raised. “Is that it?”
Shifting uncomfortably you replied. “Ahh, yeah…”
“I assumed there would’ve been more.” You took her statement as a compliment, though could have just as easily taken offence. She must’ve really thought you to be the serial dater type.

The salty night air caused you to shudder. You pulled the silk wrap Natasha had leant you closer to your body, shivering. This time the Helicarrier had decided to dock and take the guise of a ship. The ebony sky was nearly cloudless the moon a quarter of the way full, though the stars were almost invisible. Where ever you were it was near a large city of some sort. The low growl of an engine startled you out of your thoughts. Tensing, you were surprised by how quick your reaction time was now. Instead of jumping your body automatically took on a comfortable fighting stance. S.H.I.E.L.D had definitely changed you. The car that pulled up in front of you was beautiful, a true work of art. The shiny deep purple coloured Dodge Charger rumbled loudly, its chrome blower vibrating. Clint exited the vehicle with a wide grin, moving quickly to take your hand in his. He looked totally dapper, clothed in a fitted tuxedo, your mind automatically turned to thoughts of James Bond. Like a gentleman, he led you around the car, opening the door for you and helping you into the leather seats; it was real leather too, you could tell from the smell.

The rumble of the engine wasn’t as loud from inside the car, though it was still audible. When Clint settled himself in the driver’s side, you turned to him with a small smile; the nerves were beginning to take effect. “Nice car.”
He turned to you, eyes tracing the length of your body. “Nice dress, I’m beginning to consider having dessert first.”
You blushed, glancing down at your hands folded in your lap.
He chuckled, shifting the car into gear. “Don’t worry, I promise to play the proper gentleman tonight.”
You nodded wordlessly, staring out of the window into the night. You drove in silence for some time, though it wasn’t completely uncomfortable. It was a little odd being completely alone with Clint for once. You had gotten so used to frequent interruptions that it had become a way of life. You smiled as the car passed a few admiring citizens waiting to cross the road.
“So, which city are we in tonight?”
Clint smiled. “Brisbane. I was aiming for Sydney but no one would comply.”
You nodded. “Brisbane is good; Sydney is too over the top anyway, I mean what’s with that weird opera house?.”
He laughed. “Wait until I take you to Tokyo, you haven’t seen over the top yet.”  

Clint pulled up outside of a large luxurious looking restaurant. A well groomed teenager rushed to open your door for you and help you out of the car. You smiled and thanked him quietly, not used to receiving such services. When Clint exited the car another man took his place in the driver’s seat. You couldn’t help but notice the way both men smiled at Clint in awe.
You linked your arm with his, flashing him a smile. “I think there are a few admirers of your car.”
He smiled smugly. “I don’t think it was my car they were admiring.”
Your brow furrowed as you tried to understand what he was talking about.
He chuckled, gently running his thumb over the line forming between your eyebrows. “The car isn’t the only beautiful thing I brought with me tonight.”
You raised an eyebrow still not comprehending.
He gently turned you to face a large plate glass window. “Look at yourself ______, take a real hard look.”

You saw him first. Tall, muscular, unbelievably handsome. How had you ever been capable of securing yourself such a guy? Then you caught the reflection of a woman. Her beautiful (h/c) hair was twisted into a sophisticated looking up do. Her body was lithe looking and her muscles were well developed. She wore a beautiful (f/c) cocktail dress that clung to all the right places and was neither too short nor too long. A smile slowly made its way onto her face, her (e/c) orbs sparkling in the soft lighting. Then you abruptly realized it was you. You marvelled at what Natasha had done to you. She had transformed you from a slightly plain awkward looking teenager into a woman that was very close to being as attractive as she was.
“You’re absolutely beautiful, by far the most beautiful woman I have ever been lucky to come across.”
You beamed up at him, heart skipping a beat. “Careful, I might end up conceited.”
He shrugged with a smirk. “I’d still choose you over any other woman in the world. Now come on, you must be starving.”
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 32 First Date
I think its time there was a little bit of romance. There are going to be at least two other cute lovey dovey chapters coming up soon. 


Next: Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 33 Taste of Luxury
The next morning was a nightmare. You accompanied Hermione down to the great hall for breakfast, though you didn’t feel up to it. Draco would be there, sitting at the Slytherin table with his friends. The very thought of seeing him caused your stomach to churn. You shook your head, realizing how ridiculous you were being. You had every right to be down there having breakfast with the rest of the school.
Hermione had sensed your mood immediately. “Cheer up _____, he was the one who was rejected.”
You nodded silently, glancing down at your feet.
She sighed. “He’s not the first one you’ve rejected either, remember Seamus.”
You rolled your eyes, smirking. “How could I forget?”
“I don’t think anyone could.” She replied with a smile.
Your mood began to brighten. It was stupid to be upset, especially on a sunny Saturday morning.

The Gryffindor table was already packed by the time you arrived. You greeted Harry and Ron with a cheerful hug. Not missing the fact that the former turned a light shade of pink. You raised an eyebrow questioningly, but were soon distracted by the Weasley twins as they recounted a story about a prank gone wrong. It was amazing how quickly the day brightened up, any thoughts of Draco had long since dispersed.

Shoveling a large fork full of chocolate chip pancakes into your mouth you turned your attention to Lavender Brown who was gazing at Ron from across the table.  
“Hey ______.” She had noticed you watching her.
“Oh, hey Lavender.” You murmured between mouthfuls.
You had very little to do with her. It wasn’t that you didn’t like her; it was just that you had absolutely nothing in common with her.
She moved to sit beside you. “Can I ask you a question?”
You stopped the fork halfway up to your mouth. “Yes?”
“Is it true?”
“Is what true?” You spoke slowly.
“Are you dating Draco Malfoy.” Her voice was animated, and too loud.
Almost all conversation stopped at the table as all eyes turned on you. Your heart drummed loudly as you slowly placed the fork back on your plate. You took a massive breath of air as you felt your blood boil.
“Absolutely. Not!” Your voice was severe.
“It’s just, Susan Bones saw you with him last night. She told me you were watching the sunset together.”
You glowered at the Hufflepuff table, easily picking Susan out in the crowd. “She’s mistaken.”
Lavender shrugged. “If you say so.”

You spent a little while longer at the table, though your appetite had subsided. But you were unable to gather composure. Standing, and shooting Lavender an angry glare you fled without a word. You heard Hermione calling after you but ignored her. You needed to be alone for awhile.  

Pulling your jacket closer to your body, you watched the startlingly beautiful views quietly. The bridge was always your favorite place to go to think. A fresh breeze whirled through the small window like gaps in the walls, whistling soothingly. Your hand gripped the wall tightly, your knuckles going white. The emotions that surged through your body were confused; more confused then they had ever been before. It wasn’t until another gust of wind blew against your face that you realized you were crying. Shivering you closed your eyes, dipping your head. Your face grew numb from cold as you sniffled. It wouldn’t be long until you would have to retreat back inside, there would be no doubt that your friends would be looking for you. Shaking your head you brushed your hair back from your face, steadying yourself and putting on a brave front. Huffing out a breath you turned to make your way back to the common room.

Standing far off in the distance was a single lone figure. You immediately knew who it was by their silver hair. For a moment you contemplated turning back and waiting for him to leave, but you soon shook the thought from your mind. If you were ever going to return to the way you had been before yesterday, you would have to face the music. Straightening your shoulders and holding your head high you continued forward, pretending not to notice the Slytherin. However, he unfortunately noticed you.
“________, can we talk? Please.”
You forced yourself to stop, though kept your eyes averted. “Draco.”
He was silent for a moment before you heard him take in a deep breath. “I saw you at breakfast.”
You rolled your eyes. “Well you’re a perceptive one.”
“What happened?”
“I realized I really don’t like Lavender Brown. Now, if you’ll excuse me.” You moved to brush past him, but his hand reached out and grasped your arm.
“You’ve been crying,” His voice was soft. “What’s hurt you?”
“Nothing Malfoy.” You glared at him.
He nodded dejectedly, his voice but a whisper. “You don’t always have to be so strong, not around me.”
You scoffed. “I always have to be strong, especially when I’m around you.”  
His hand dropped to his side, allowing you to make your escape.

The emotional instability continued for the next two weeks. It didn’t take much to set you off, whether the reaction be tears or a sudden burst of anger. Harry Ron and Hermione were deeply concerned for you, but dared not voice their unease. You avoided any Slytherin students like the plague. The days went slow and your nights were extra long, often crammed full of numerous detentions. You sat hunched over at the Gryffindor table, toying with the chocolate chip pancakes you had once so enjoyed. Everyone left you alone, having long since given up on trying to brighten you up. Resting your head on your hand you took a diminutive nibble, chewing excessively slowly.  

Hermione glanced at you, mouth pinching in. “______, I’ve been thinking.”
You blinked, face emotionless. “Ok.”
“I think you should talk to Draco, we have potions next and-“
“What? Why the hell would I want to talk to him?” You screeched. No one at the table reacted, used to your tantrums by now.
“I think you love him.”
You stared at her in horror. “Are you stoned?”
Her face flushed red. “I just think you ought to admit it. No one really cares if you like him or not. We all might think he’s a moron, but if you don’t that’s fine.”
“You have no idea what you’re talking about Hermione.”
“Then why are you so depressed _____?” Ron said around a mouthful of food.
“Because I,” You lowered your gaze. “I don’t know.”
Hermione put a hand on your shoulder. “Think back to when you first started to feel this way.”
Your eyes widened as you realized what they were saying could very well be true. “But I can’t…”
“You can, and you do.” Hermione’s eyes were soft. “I think you should partner up with him in potions.”
You buried your head into your hands. How had you stuffed things up so completely?

Potions came around far too soon for your liking. You sat in your usual spot beside Hermione for the beginning of the lesson. It was very difficult to concentrate on the long lecture Snape was giving. The indistinct whispers of Blaise and Draco seemed to consume every bit of your attention. Finally the practical component of the lesson came. You forced yourself to stand, finding that your legs were like jelly as you approached Draco’s desk. He looked at you, eyebrow raised as you smiled at him shakily.
“H-hi Draco,” You silently cursed yourself for stuttering. “I was wondering if you wanted to partner up with me again?”
His brow furrowed as he glanced at Blaise, who had suddenly become very interested in his quill. Blaise glanced at him, winking very indiscreetly before moving off to join two blushing Slytherin girls.
He returned your smile confidently. “Ok, only if you promise not to get troll fat on me this time. Do you realize how much that stuff stinks?”
You laughed. “I can’t promise you anything.”

The majority of the lesson was spent talking, much to Snape’s chagrin. You only just managed to complete the potion on time, though it was very weak. Snape dismissed the class before going to take a seat at his desk. You noticed the way he kept glancing at you and Draco, a scowl painted on his face.
“What’s your next lesson?” Draco smiled down at you as he packed away his books.
You smirked. “Herbology.”
His eyebrows shot up. “I never took you for a plant lover.”
“I actually did it because I thought it’d be easy.” You admitted sheepishly.
He laughed, taking your bag before you could sling it over your shoulder. “Let me walk you to class, Blaise will cover for me in Astrology.”
You blushed light pink as he wrapped his hand around yours.

You strolled down the corridors at a leisurely pace, neither one of you wanting to go to class.
“You know, we could skip class and hang out around the lake.” His eyes glinted mischievously
You sighed. “I wish. I think I’ve already got enough strikes against my name for this year.”
He laughed. “What was that all about anyway? I noticed you had become even more obnoxious then usual.”
You playfully elbowed him in the ribs. “Hey, I’m not obnoxious.”
He grinned grabbing your arm and pinning it to your body. “You are a little.”
You childishly blew a raspberry.

A devilish smile came to his face as he shoved you up against a wall. You gazed up at him eyes widening, and heart racing. He dropped the bags at his feet, using his now free hand to embrace your jaw. He tilted your head up, his other hand moving from your arm to your waist. His warm breath brushed against your face as he leant towards you, eyes full of yearning. You allowed your lips to part in anticipation, cheeks beginning to flush.
His voice was husky. “We should really get to class.”
You nodded slightly, disappointment beginning to cloud over your expression. He chuckled under his breath. He closed the small distance so swiftly you jolted when his lips touched yours. His lips tasted like honey, your eyelids clamped shut. You felt him push his whole body against yours as his hand tightened around your waist. He moaned against your mouth as you wrapped your arms around his neck. At that moment you didn’t care that you were in a public place. His lips separated from yours, allowing you to take a deep breath. Your head began to clear, and you realized in alarm how quick this was going. You bushed a brighter red then you’d ever blushed before, you didn’t want to be one of those girls.

He mistakenly took your blush for desire and began to kiss lightly across your jaw line.
“Draco,” Your voice came out breathless. “Not here, not now.”
He brusquely kissed you once more before removing his arms from around you. It was now that you noticed how flushed his ivory skin was.
He ran a hand through his hair shamefacedly. “Ahh, sorry about that I got carried away. Now I think you’re going to be late.”
You grinned, bending over to collect your bag. “Don’t worry about it that was definitely worth it.”
He smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.”
You bit your lip. “Well umm, I think I should walk the rest of the way by myself.”
“Ok, I’ll see you in the Great Hall for lunch.”
You smiled shyly. “Sure.”
He leant over, lightly kissing you on the cheek. “I’ll be looking forward to it the whole lesson.”
You nodded wordlessly, unable to form proper words in you mind. Before you had the chance to embarrass yourself, you spun on your heel and swiftly made your way to the greenhouse. You already knew that all of your thoughts would be on Draco.
Draco X Reader- Partners PT 3
It's finally here, the final part of my Draco X Reader. This whole thing sort of wrote itself, I was surprised how simple it really was. 


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