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Wolf Song by AnsticeWolf

Now, I haven't seen 'wolf song' so i'm unable to compare this with the scene its inspired by. I'm gonna start by saying that I love the...

Scar- Internal wounds by TheColdSoul1888

This work is instantly an eye catcher. The golden colour of his eye compared to the dark sepia tones of the rest of the drawing is a gr...

This poem is simple, and yet so complex at the same time. It illustrates perfecty the cause and effect of self harm. You have made sure...


Having been filled in on the situation unfolding Bruce shot straight to work. You’d followed him to the labs, wanting to get away from the numerous heated arguments erupting on the bridge. Natasha was in a foul mood, and having Tony there was definitely not helping. You sat quietly beside the statue like figure of your father, watching as Bruce and the scientists busied themselves with scientific equations. They took turns glancing at a multitude of holographic monitors and fiddling with instruments you didn’t know the name to.
“_______, could I have your help here for a moment?” Bruce called to you, his eyes focused on one of the monitors.
You jumped up, wondering whether you really would be capable of helping him.
“I need you to hold this here.” He gestured to a small thermometer like device plugged into a port near the monitor.
“Like this?” You gave him an unsure look.
He smiled. “Perfect, hold it as still as you can until it beeps.”
You held it over a small petri dish trying your best to not move a muscle. “So what am I measuring?”
The scientist replied. “The live cell count of the disease, I introduced what I believe to be the closest thing to the antidote an hour ago.”
“And you need to see whether it’s having any effect?” You questioned.
“Yes, and to check if I have the concentration correct. Too much and it could develop into a disease of its own, not enough and it will take much too long.”
“Wow,” you shook your head. “You two have your work cut out for you.”
Bruce smiled grimly as the device began to beep. “That we do, I only wish I was more qualified for this sort of work.”
“Nonsense,” The scientist took the device from you. “Any help is good help.”
You smirked. “I don’t know about that, not everyone is a genius like the both of you.”
The scientist shrugged smiling very slightly. “You seem pretty switched on yourself ______.”
You gave an awkward smile, reclaiming your seat beside your father. Was that meant as a pickup line? By the uncomfortable look on Bruce’s face you could tell you were probably right.

15 minutes later you were once again on your way up to the flight deck. Fury had paged you requesting you be there to greet Steve. It irked you a little that you were being used like some sort of concierge. However Steve seemed nice enough. He shook your hand enthusiastically and seemed more than ready to jump into action.
“So this, disease, is turning people into mindless robots?” You had already explained the effects of the disease but he wasn’t quite grasping it.
You smiled, stopping just before the bridge. “Sort of, they’re mindless until they receive a signal, then like an… RC car they are forced to do whatever they’re told to do.”
His blue eyes stared at you fixedly. “There is always someone trying to become the leader of the world .”
You nodded, gesturing for him to step upon the bridge.  “Control and power, man’s leading vision”
Before he had a chance to reply he was greeted by Tony. “You took your time getting here old man.”
“Not everyone is able to put on a suit and fly themselves halfway across the world.” Steve snapped.
You grimaced, was there anyone that Tony didn’t piss off? Your question was immediately answered by the amused smile on your boyfriend’s face. Clint never did seem that agitated by Tony’s snide remarks, if anything he found them funny. You shook your head with a slight smile as you approached the group. They all looked like small children, standing in a circle hurling insults at one another. How was this team supposed to save the entire world from a dangerous disease?

Clint noticed you approaching and shot you an alluring smile. “I was wondering where you’d got to.”
“I thought I’d watch Bruce work.”
He gave you an understanding look. “Is he any better?”
You knew immediately that he was referring to the state of your father. You shook your head silently, using all your will power to stop from crying.
“I’m sorry _____.” It was Tash who spoke, her voice gentle.
You looked up in bewilderment. “For what?”
“I looked into your file when you first got here; I know that man is your father.”
“Anyone care to explain what we’re talking about?” Tony looked up from his phone, eyebrows knitted in confusion.
Thankfully Clint spoke for you. “_______’s father is, or rather was, one of the most elite agents S.H.I.E.L.D had to offer. When he went missing during a top secret assignment it was assumed he was dead so that’s what ______ and her mother were told.”
You switched off for the remainder of the explanation, unable to handle much more of it.

“That’s some story.” Tony shook his head, lips pursed.
Clint nodded. Sometime during the account he had moved to stand closely beside you. “I promise to make those bastards pay.”
You looked up to see a determined look on his face. “No Clint,” Your voice was level but thick with grief. “That’s my job. Anyone who was a part of this pandemic is as good as dead.”
“I’ve got your back.” Tash moved to your other side, resting a hand on your shoulder.
Steve dipped his head sternly. “I’ll not sit back and watch people being hurt by yet another evil faction.”  
“I don’t think I even need to say it, I’ve got you kid,” Tony smirked.
“I’ll do what I can for you ____.” You spun around to see Bruce standing in the doorway.
You blinked; you were surrounded by people who were willing to give their lives for you. With this realization you felt a new strength grow within yourself. You took in each one of their faces, each one showing some form of determination. You stopped on Clint’s face and your heart swelled. In the grand scheme of things you hadn’t known him for that long, and yet you couldn’t help but feel you’d known him forever.
“Whether you like it or not, I’m going where ever you go Falcon.” His voice was low and sincere.  
“Thankyou.” You had barely spoken the words when a piercing alarm rang out.
“Shit!” You heard the curses of Clint as Tony rushed towards the circle of monitors on Fury’s platform.  
The signal had been sent, and the war had begun.
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 38 Time to Act
It's really amping up now as the final battle is about to be fought. Don't worry if you're a fan of Thor he will make an appearance a little later on

Previous: Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 37 Bruce Banner

Gargoyle by majestic-glory
I couldn't sleep last night so I randomly started sketching and this is what I came up with.

Time took: 1 hour

Medium: HB, 2B graphite pencils
She was all I ever wanted
She was all I ever needed and more
She walked out my door
Then she went away
Left my heart in two
Left me standing here
Singing all these blues

The gardens surrounding the palace were particularly beautiful this time of year. You sat silently beside Loki, content with watching clumsy purple bees bump into each other as they pollinated vibrant flowers. You inhaled the sweet intoxicating scents, closing your eyes with a smile.
You opened your eyes slowly, meeting Loki’s steady gaze. You knew he hated to be outside amongst the wildlife, he much preferred the cold dimly lit sanctuary of his quarters.
“I think it’s time we go back now, we have a lot to decipher.” His tone was bored.
Your shoulders slumped when you remembered the stack of ancient spell tomes he needed help decoding. Just because you were one of Asgard’s best scholars didn’t mean that you wanted to spend every waking moment with your nose in a dusty book.
“Ok, fine.” You didn’t bother with fake enthusiasm.

The moment you entered his quarters he shoved a dusty volume into your hands. He didn’t even thank you for agreeing to help him, he just took a book for himself and began reading. You looked from the book in your hand to him. His brow was furrowed in concentration as he began to swiftly jot down his translations. You shook your head. He treated you more like an employee then a girlfriend. Before you could stop yourself your temper surged and you aimed the book you were holding at the prince’s head. Luckily for him you were more academic then physical so it narrowly missed him, striking the wall with a loud thunk.
“_______?” He stood, brow raised in question.
You glared at him resentfully, teeth gritted. You opened your mouth to say something but changed your mind. With a disbelieving shake of your head you spun on your heel and trudged out of the room, slamming the door shut behind you.
You heard him call after you, his voice a little panicked, but at that moment you couldn’t care less.

You left without a single word
Not even sorry
It might of hurt worse to hear you say
I’m leaving goodbye
But your smile still makes my heart sing
Another sad song
Can’t forget it, won’t regret it
Cause I’m still in love with you

A week went by and Loki’s hopes that you were going to return to him began to diminish. He knew he had been working you hard, and that he rarely told you he loved you, but he did. He buried his head into his hands, rubbing his stinging eyes. The thought that he may have lost you crushed him inside, but he didn’t know how to win you back. He shook, choking out a sob as the tears he had held back for so long were finally released. His tears stained the pages of the latest tome he had been slaving over. With a sudden flood of anger he realized it was this very tome that had caused you to leave. He screamed out, violently seizing the book from his desk and throwing it into the crackling fire. He spent the next two hours destroying everything in his sight. Not even the palace guards dared try and calm him.

You sat in your own chambers, curled up on your bed. The longer you spent away from Loki the more you realized how diseased your relationship was. He was so controlling, had a terrible temper, and sometimes you couldn’t help but wonder whether he was the monster everyone portrayed him to be. You sat up blinking rapidly, noticing that you hadn’t shed a single tear all day. Taking a deep breath you also noticed that the hollowness in your chest that had been present the previous day was but a minor nuisance. You stared out at the cloudless sky, hands folded in your lap. It was time to admit you couldn’t go back to him.

We had fun under the sun
And when winter came she’d be my angel
We were so in love
Yeah, she went away
Left my heart in two
Left me standing here
Singing all these blues

The purple bees continued buzzing as they had always done. Loki sighed deeply, as he watched them silently. You used to love coming out here and no matter the weather or the season you always found something you considered beautiful. He could never see it, for instance these bees had always slightly disgusted him. With their obese furry bodies and too small wings, but you had marveled at the way they carelessly buzzed from flower to flower. The only beauty he’d ever enjoyed had been your smile, your laugh and the way you ran your hand through your (h/c) hair. He remembered back to last winter, when you had danced in the snow, giggling like a child. The tiny ivory flakes of snow had collected in your hair making you look like something from a fairytale. A tear ran down his cheek, he had been crying nonstop for the past two days. He tried to stop thinking about you, to try and quell the shed tears but everything he saw was just a reminder of what he’d lost.

The warmth of the sun was ecstasy. You couldn’t help but smile as you frolicked in the gardens, picking huge red roses and chasing stunning butterflies. A laugh escaped your mouth as one of the largest butterflies you had ever seen landed on your shoulder. You watched its electric blue wings quiver with an awestruck smile. Before long the insect decided to take its leave, fluttering high into the powder blue sky. A deep chuckle behind you caused you to jump. You turned around to see Thor, his golden hair radiant in the sunlight.
“Mind if I join you Lady _____?”
You smiled with a shrug. “It’s your garden.”
He grinned, offering you his arm. “I do love to go for a walk on fine days such as this.”
You linked your arm with his. “As do I.”  

You left without a single word
Not even sorry
It might of hurt worse to hear you say
I’m leaving goodbye
But your smile still makes my heart sing
Another sad song
Can’t forget it, won’t regret it
Cause I’m still in love with you

“No! How can this be?” Loki shoved his fist through a floor length mirror.
He clutched his bleeding hand, amazed that the pain in his chest was far worse. He had seen you in the gardens with Thor. Thor, he gritted his teeth at the thought of the name, he always took what Loki wanted, what Loki loved. He screamed, falling to his knees. He could bear to be without you, but he couldn’t bear to see you with the person he hated the most. Curling up into the fetal position he whimpered. He couldn’t get your bright smile from his head, the way Thor had handed you a crimson tulip. Neither of you had seen him sitting there silently until it was too late. You had flashed him a sheepish smile, waving slightly before rushing back to the palace. The way Thor had watched you leave was sickening, he had that look. The look Loki had seen Thor have many times before. The look that meant he was interested in being far more then friends. Loki cried out again, clutching his sides tightly. It felt as if he was falling apart.

I don’t know what hurts worse baby
Seeing you with him or being alone
On my own
I know he doesn’t love you baby
Not like I did oh what’s the point
You’re not listening anyway

Six months later

Thor sighed joyfully, his fingers brushing across your collarbone. Running your fingers through his golden hair you smiled, gazing into his blue eyes. It was routine for the both of you to go to the gardens on sunny mornings, you would lie on the soft lawn and bask in the suns warm glow. You had only been dating Thor for three months, but so far he was the perfect boyfriend. He listened to your worries, gave you flowers and treated you like you were the most important person in his world. His lips softly brushed your jaw line triggering a sigh. He grinned victoriously, moving down to nip at the tender flesh of your neck.
Quivering you pushed his head away, playful smirk on your face. “That’s not a very princely move.” You were surprised to find you were breathless.
His grin widened further. “I am more then just a prince; I am in the same instance a man. And a man would by no means be capable of restraining himself around a woman such as yourself.”
You blushed red. Loki was renowned for his silver tongue, but Thor very much had the same gift.

You watched as Thor reluctantly left you, he had duties to attend to. The day was too beautiful to not stay outside, so you found a quiet spot in the shade of a large blossoming tree. Carefully opening the pages of an ancient book of poetry you reclined against the massive grey trunk absorbing yourself in the assonances.
“_________, I wish to speak with you.” A voice startled you, and you dully grasped you had fallen asleep.
You squinted up at the dark figure standing over you, cursing the suns bright rays. Unfortunately the figure took your silence as an invitation and took a seat beside you. Loki looked absolutely terrible. His skin was waxen and his once bright beautiful eyes were sunken and dull. You frowned as you felt your heart accelerate at his nearness. That was odd.
“I saw you with Thor earlier.” He spoke almost casually, but you could hear the pain hidden in his words.
“Oh?” You pretended to be interested in a small mark on the cover of the book in your lap.
“It appears you’re getting serious,” He let the statement hang in the air for a moment before continuing. “And I’m a little concerned for you.”
Your eyes darted up to meet his. “What?”
“________, he doesn’t love you as much as you deserve. He could never love you that much-“
“But you could?” Your cheeks flushed, you would’ve liked to think it was rage but you weren’t so sure.
“I do.” He moved to stroke your cheek but you pulled away.
“You had your chance Loki. I’m happy with Thor, he’s carefree and so full of joy.”
“No, Loki, I don’t care what you have to say anymore. Move on.” You stood, taking note of the strange grief you felt. What was with you?
He clenched his jaw, nodding silently. His raven coloured hair fell into his face as his head slumped. It was like looking at a wounded animal, you couldn’t bear it any longer. Choking back your own sobs you hurried back to your room.

You left without a single word
Not even sorry
It might of hurt worse to hear you say
I’m leaving goodbye
But your smile still makes my heart sing
Another sad song
Can’t forget it, won’t regret it
Cause I’m still in love with you

15 months later

Just after thirteen months of dating, Thor asked you to marry him. It came as a complete shock, you hadn’t been expecting a proposal at all. But now here you were five months later, staring at your reflection in a large mirror as two young girls busied themselves with your hair and makeup. You were actually going to be married. You tried on a smile, but it didn’t seem to fit the emotions coursing through your body. You weren’t nervous, happy or excited. If anything you were heart broken. But how could that be? Thor was perfect, everything you had ever wanted in a husband. A frown creased your brow.
The girl trying to do your makeup clicked her tongue. “With all respect Lady _______, I can’t help but notice that you look miserable.”
You looked at her reflection in the mirror. “J-just nervous.” You lied.
She nodded with a smile. “I understand, and to think, in a little over an hour you will be the future queen of Asgard.”
Your stomach churned at the thought. Were you really queen material?

Loki took a seat at the very front of the numerous rows of ivory chairs. He was obliged to attend his brothers wedding, no matter the fact that he detested his brother, and was enamored with his brothers soon to be wife. He sighed, his shoulders slumping. Another thing he had unwillingly been forced to do was bring a date. The woman that sat beside him was a busty blonde and very dim-witted. She sat beside him, her hand clawing at his arm and her mouth flapping a million miles a minute as she gave her unwanted opinions on just about everything in the universe. Loki pinched the bridge of his nose, tears burning behind his eyes. He had to hold it together, for at least the remainder of the ceremony.

You left without a single word
Not even sorry
It might of hurt worse to hear you say
I’m leaving goodbye
But your smile still makes my heart sing
Another sad song
Can’t forget it, won’t regret it
Cause I’m still in love with you

Every single seat was occupied. Your heart beat at an alarming rate. Would you really be able to go through with this? The more you thought about it the sicker you felt inside. It was time to admit you weren’t over Loki. His face kept flashing into your mind. You loved him, but you also loved Thor. Taking a deep breath you stood, you would go through with the wedding because it was obvious Thor was far better for you then Loki was.

The aisle was way too long. It felt as if the more you walked the further away you got to the end. You could hear the muffled whispers of the guests as they commented on your dress. It was apparently too simple for someone who was soon to be queen, according to one lady anyway. You held your head up high, forcing a smile onto your face. Thor stood just a few meters away now, dressed in the shiniest armor you’d ever seen. He grinned at you, his eyes crinkling up. He looked so happy and so proud. It made your heart sink further. He loved you so entirely. Then you saw Loki. You very nearly stopped in your tracks when you noticed him. Urging yourself on, you continued forward the remaining few steps, barely registering when your hand joined with Thor’s.

Loki felt a tear run down his cheek as he watched you say your vows. You looked so radiant in your gown of white silk. The woman beside him criticized you, but he wasn’t listening. Up until now he had hoped to hear the ‘dreadful’ news that the wedding had been called off. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that it was over now.

“You may now kiss the bride.”
Thor lifted your veil, blue eyes full of tenderness. You didn’t need to force a smile this time. He leant in, tilting your head up. The kiss was kept short and sweet, Odin himself had warned Thor against being too passionate. The crowd cheered, causing you to blush. As you turned to face them one face stood out above the rest. Loki sat as stiff and still as a marble statue, his eyes boring into yours. His jaw was clenched and his hands grasped tightly at the side of his chair. You felt yourself begin to tremble as tears welled up in your eyes. Thor noticed your change and wrapped his arm around your waist. He must have thought you were as happy as he was. But you weren’t, not really.

After the wedding Loki returned straight to his room. He couldn’t face the joyful music and chatter of the reception. He threw himself onto his bed silently. He was done with crying, finished with shouting, through with caring. He had lost the only thing he had ever cared about so completely. He had lost you. He closed his eyes, hoping that he would never have to awaken again.
Loki X Reader X Thor- Still in Love with You
I can totally relater to Loki at the moment :I
Anyway the song is Still In Love With You by The Jonas Brothers. 
Even though I haven't listened to them since I was 12 I couldn't help but realize that alot of their lyrics are good inspiration. 
You sat beside Natasha your arms crossed. You were still clothed in your flashy (f/c) dress, as Fury had forbidden you from leaving the bridge. You had some inkling that it was his way of punishing you.
Tash restlessly tapped her fingers on the table. “While we sit here twiddling our thumbs people are dying, we should be out there doing something.”
You sighed. “We are doing something, or at least S.H.I.E.L.D is. There must be a reason that Fury is making us wait.”
Natasha dipped her head, red hair falling into her face. “I’d just feel a lot better if I was out there.”

An hour passed and there was still no sign of Fury or the Avengers. Clint who had been silent for most of the time finally spoke. “Fury is deliberately avoiding us.”
“He’s probably just filling the others in on the situation.” You replied quietly
Tash who had taken up pacing the length of the bridge kicked at a chair in frustration. “We don’t even really know the situation.”
“But you’re about to find out.” Fury stood in the doorway flanked by Maria and the scientist from earlier.
You sat up in your seat as another man came into view. A man who looked as if he was gravely ill, a man who was quite unmistakably your father. But how?

“Stark is due here in under an hour. We have made contact with Rogers and Banner and have already sent agents to retrieve them.” Fury made his way up to a platform at the very front of the bridge, his coat trailing out behind him.
However your eyes were set on your father who was being closely watched by the scientist.
“What do you want us to do?” Natasha’s earlier frustrations were seemingly forgotten.
Fury turned to her, face expressionless. “What you did when our threat lay in Loki. Neutralize it in any way possible.”  
“But how?” Was Clint’s reply.
You answered before Fury could. “With their own soldiers.”
“What?” Tash gave you a skeptical look. “They’re under mind control, there’s no reasoning with them.”
You flashed her a confident smile. “Yes, but they must be getting their orders from somewhere, I’m sure someone on our side would be able to hack into their systems.”
“Yes! Brilliant!” The scientist cried out startling you. “That might just delay them enough for me to complete the antidote; I’m already half way there. I’ve been able to neutralize the transmission at least.”  
You glanced once again at your father, standing stiff and emotionless. Was he even able to comprehend what was happening to him?
“Well why can’t we use the half finished one and give them the full dose later?” Clint had followed Fury to the other side of the bridge.
You shook your head hair falling into your face. “People would get hurt. Imagine thousands, probably closer to millions of people just like him,” You flicked your hand in the direction of your father. “It wouldn’t be much safer than it is now.”

Fury offered you an unnatural looking smile. “Thank you Agent ______, your ideas will absolutely be noted. But now I think it’s time I-”
“I hope I didn’t keep you guys hanging for too long.” A familiar voice interrupted Fury mid-sentence.
You groaned inwardly as Tony sauntered in, grinning widely. Self-consciously pulling at the short hem of your dress you tried to blend in to the background. Unfortunately it failed and Tony seemed to zero in on you immediately.  
“Hey _____, looking good,” He flashed you a smile you knew was meant to be ‘sexy’. “But there’s no need to dress up for me baby, I like you for who you are.”
“Wish I could say the same about you Stark.” You growled.
He chuckled, throwing his arm around you. “So what’s the sitch?”
Tash answered. “The disease _____ collected from Brazil has been released into the general population and we still don’t have an antidote.”
“How many are infected?” Tony dropped his arm from around you and moved up to the platform Fury was standing on.
Fury glowered. “As of yet we don’t know, we are still getting reports through.”

You watched as the scientist painstakingly coaxed your father to sit in an empty office chair. Tony was talking hacking strategies with Fury and Natasha was listening in. Clint sat close by you, but his mind seemed to be elsewhere. Every time you tried to speak to him you would have to say something twice to get a reaction. It had been almost two hours since Tony first arrived and the discussion had got absolutely nowhere. You sighed for the 100th time, leaning your head back and staring at the ceiling. All this waiting reminded you of your first day at S.H.I.E.L.D.
“Sir, Dr. Banner’s plane is due here in 15 minutes.” An agent looked up from his computer.
Fury nodded. “Agent ____, would you mind greeting him and filling him in on our situation?”
You stood tentatively. “Sir, are you sure I’m the right choice he doesn’t even know me an-“
“I’ve selected you because you seem to understand the ins and outs of this situation the best. Go now, so you have time to change.”
“Yes Sir.” You ducked your head and rushed out of the room.  

You ran the whole way to your dorm, constantly weaving between startled agents walking the corridors. You almost lost traction in your heels a couple of times, skidding on the smooth floors. You arrived in record time and headed straight towards your wardrobe. You decided on simple clothes that could get you in no trouble. A royal purple camisole top with lace details, white skinny jeans and some comfortable black ankle boots. Throwing your hair up into a fishtail braid and removing last night’s makeup you swiftly applied concealer, mascara and a little lip-gloss. After just a few minutes you looked like a changed person and someone who could be taken a little more seriously.

The doctor’s plane landed less than three minutes after you arrived at the flight deck. You greeted him with a warm smile and a professional handshake.
“Thank you for agreeing to come today Dr. Banner, your help will be greatly appreciated. I’ll do my best to fill you in on the events unfolding.”
He ran a hand through is dark unruly locks. “Ahh, I didn’t technically agree to come here.”
The ghost of a smile appeared on your face. “Yes, something I’ve already learnt in my few months here is that Director Fury is very resourceful.”
Bruce gave a short chuckle. “If that’s the word you want to use, though I’m sure manipulative would be a better term.”
You raised your eyebrows. “Sounds like you’ve had a lot to do with him.”
He shrugged. “He always keeps an eye on me.”
“Oh,” You nodded. “That explains the eye patch.”
Bruce shook his head snorting, obviously finding a little humor in your bad joke.
“Come on, everyone else is on the bridge. I’ll fill you in on the way.”
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 37 Bruce Banner
I'm so lazy I couldn't be bothered to think up a good title for this chapter. Geez i've lacked creativity just recently o.O I hope its not a sign of things to come. Anyway I hope you enjoy.

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Tap tap, tap tap. You groaned rolling over onto your side and glaring at the door from which the sound was being emitted. Bang, bang. The knocking grew even more urgent and soon a voice joined it.
“Agent Barton I know you’re in there, answer the door.” Maria’s muffled voice called from outside.
Clint finally began to stir, his arm coming up to cover his face. He looked just as gorgeous as always, his bare chest moving in rhythm with his slow breathing.
“Clint,” You shook his shoulder lightly. “I think Maria wants you.”
He blinked a few times before fully waking. “Maria, what does she want?” His voice was husky.
You smiled. “I don’t know honey, maybe you should answer the door and ask.”
He nodded slowly, yawning just as a new round of violent knocks began.

You watched as he slid out of bed and clumsily threw on a pair of boxers, he still moved very much like a zombie. He sluggishly made his way to the door just as Maria began to bang again.
“This better be good.” He snapped.
From your vantage point you were just able to see Maria, who was once again dressed in a catsuit.
She crossed her arms. “Well Clint, do you consider the release of a virus that we still don’t have a cure for, good enough?”
You saw his stance stiffen, and felt yourself do the same. “When did this happen?”
“We noticed it about an hour ago, but there is no telling how long it’s been at large for.”
“Where, and how many are infected?” Clint’s voice had turned cold and professional.
“Fury has the details, meet him on the bridge in ten minutes,” She raised her voice. “You too Agent _____.”
“She’s not here.” Clint replied too quickly.
Maria sighed. “I visited her room first and there was no answer. I’m not an idiot Clint. Just make sure you’re both there on time.”

When Maria had left and Clint had closed the door it finally dawned on you that the only clothes you had at hand were the ones you wore last night. You wouldn’t have enough time to go back to your room and change before meeting with Fury.
Clint realized this around the same time you did and began to laugh. “I can lend you a shirt, but that might be worse.”
You buried your head into your hands. “Oh god, this takes the walk of shame to the next level.”
He smiled, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you on the cheek. “If it means anything, that dress really does look good on you.”
You rolled your eyes shoving him. “Shut up and get dressed.”
He grinned tightening his grip on you, his fingers lightly brushing your upper arm. “Do I make you nervous?”
It took all of your will power to shove him away a second time, as memories of the previous night came flooding back.

You held your head low as you hastily made your way to the bridge. Unfortunately it was 9 am, which meant there were a lot of people about and most of them gave bewildered glances in your direction. Clint walked close beside you a boyish grin on his face. It worried you that he found your discomfort so humorous.

“You’re both late.” Fury’s aggravated voice greeted you as you entered the bridge.
Clint smiled sheepishly, moving slightly to obscure Fury’s view of you. “Yeah, sorry about that I had a pretty big night last night.”
Your gaze was trained on your high heel clad feet as you heard an agent snicker. If it took no time for him to work out what was going on, there would be no doubt that Fury would know.
“I’m sure you did, which we will discuss at a later date. Right now we have an impending pandemic, and our only antidote is still in the testing phase.” His voice was calm and calculated.
“Is there any chance we could speed the tests up?” Natasha who you hadn’t noticed before, stood against the wall her arms crossed.
“Absolutely not,” A man in a lab coat replied. “We can’t risk infecting members of the public with an even more powerful strain of the virus.”
You felt completely out of your depth as Natasha and the scientist began to argue back and forth.  
“Surely that’s a risk we have to take.” Natasha’s voice was still level but you could detect the anger simmering beneath her words.
“Are you crazy? Who are we to tell people to take a vaccine that could very well infect them with something even more dangerous.”
She rolled her eyes. “It’s easy for you to sit in your little lab and say that. But you won’t be the one having to kill innocents, I think it should be up to Clint, ______, and I.”  
“Absolutely not!” Fury cut in. “I’m not issuing out an unfinished vaccine.”
“That’s my last word on the matter Agent Romanoff.” The sense of authority in his words was unmistakable.
Clint sighed. “Then what do you want us to do? ______ is still just a rookie, and even with the help of the best S.H.I.E.L.D has to offer, Nat and I have no chance of protecting the entire world.”
Fury nodded gravely. “I think it’s time to assemble the Avengers.”
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 36 Walk of Shame
Sorry it took so long, my life has been a real mess just lately. Onn top of ALOT of personal shit i've also been suffering from a complete creative block. I could neither write or draw. I think i'm on my way out of it now though.

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I have a TARDIS!!

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I'm so elated at the moment. I came home from a party to find a tardis in my room. I admittedly was so shocked that I just stood there for awhile staring at it. I finally got up the nerve to touch it,
and when I decided that it was real I fell down on my knees and started to sob.

My dad is an amazing person, he had been keeping the fact that him and some of his friends were building it for me a secret for some months. I honestly have no idea how they did it. I still sort of can't believe that he went to such a huge effort just for me. 

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