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Wolf Song by AnsticeWolf

Now, I haven't seen 'wolf song' so i'm unable to compare this with the scene its inspired by. I'm gonna start by saying that I love the...

Scar- Internal wounds by TheColdSoul1888

This work is instantly an eye catcher. The golden colour of his eye compared to the dark sepia tones of the rest of the drawing is a gr...

This poem is simple, and yet so complex at the same time. It illustrates perfecty the cause and effect of self harm. You have made sure...


Natasha Romanoff was used to putting her life on the line for the fate of the world. In fact she was secretly proud of everything she had accomplished in her life, even the bad deeds were truly spectacular. However today she had greatly challenged herself. Not only had she accepted the task of trying to stop a worldwide disease, but she had also agreed to leave her partner in a prison cell controlled by an unknown group. He was much more than just a partner to her though. As much as she hated to admit it Clint Barton was her everything, even though on many occasions he had expressed his disinterest in her. It had taken them both awhile to try and decide on a perfect plan that would enable her a chance to escape. Finally, despite her reservations Clint set into action his plan to feign an illness. Two guards were sent in to determine whether his ‘illness’ was in dire need of attention, their weapons drawn and pointed at Clint. Natasha executed a perfect leg sweep despite her wrenched knee and sent one of the guards tumbling back into the other with an almighty crash.
Wincing at the sound Clint quickly grabbed a gun and threw it to her. “Go, don’t worry about me.”
Natasha didn’t allow herself to hesitate as she dashed out of the cell and down a long unfamiliar corridor. She had to fight the urge to stop and try to free some of her teammates as she passed their cells, especially when she heard Tony calling out for her. But she had promised Clint that she would find _____ and help her to shut down the program, and that was what she was going to do. Even if doing so would end in her demise. She was willing to do anything to make Clint happy.

You spun the chair around as you heard someone enter the oval office. The woman who twenty minutes earlier had been loyal to your father stood before you a bead of sweat trickling down her temple.
You stood. “Did you get the weapons?”
She bit her lip so hard that she drew a small spot of blood. “A-almost.”
“Almost?” You felt your heart begin to slowly increase in rhythm.
“I’m sorry ____.” Just as she finished her sentence three guards burst into the room.
Closing your eyes you let the adrenalin flush through your blood. There was no way only three guards would be capable of restraining you now.  You reopened your eyes slowly, puffing out a small amount of air from between your pursed lips.
“Come on then.”  

They rushed you all at once, guns still holstered to their belts. So your father still wanted you alive, good it would make things a lot easier. You started with the only female guard first. Ducking a surprisingly slow and awkward blow aimed at you nose and countering with a sharp blow to her left kidney. She screamed out at you, flailing her fists savagely as one of the men approached you from behind. Gritting your teeth you blocked her strikes just before a set of rough hands pulled your arms behind your back. Air whooshed out of your lungs as a fist repeatedly barraged your stomach. Still winded you placed all of your weight on your captor, swinging your legs up in a high arch to collect the woman in the chest. She was knocked off of her feet, landing heavily on her backside. You didn’t have a moment to revel in your victory because the man who was restraining your arms quickly pulled you into a head lock. Resting on your knees you blinked away the black spots forming before your vision as you choked for air. Then you remembered the gun on his belt and blindly reached for it. He realized what you were doing just a little too late. The sound of gun fire ripped through the room as a bullet smashed its way into the man’s upper thigh. His grip on you immediately released as he collapsed on to the floor, hands clutching at the wound.

Righting yourself you kept the gun pointed at the female and the other man, the later was roughly restraining your father’s PA.
You licked your lips, finger hovering over the trigger. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t shoot you all now.”
The PA whimpered, pulling against the guard restraining her.
“Nothing?” You raised an eyebrow, trying to keep the gun from trembling; it felt so wrong in your hands.  
“I can take you to your friends.” It was the woman who spoke, her voice surprisingly feminine.
Your lips became a thin line. “Just tell me where they are.”
“And then have you shoot me anyway?” She scoffed. “I don’t think so.”
You sighed in exasperation, lowering your gun. At the moment she seemed to be the only chance you had of seeing Clint again. Though that didn’t mean you had to like it, or trust her for that matter. You would have to keep an eye on her.

You followed the woman as she weaved in and out of corridors and rooms. As time went by you began to doubt that this woman really knew where she was going.
“You know, you are exactly like your father.” There was a trace of a smile in her voice.
“I’m nothing like that man.” You replied stiffly.
She laughed allowing a glance behind her. “In fact you may be a little more brutal then he is.”
You gritted your teeth. “We are nothing alike.”
“Well you are threatening me with a gun, and from what I’ve heard it’s not the first time you’ve been unnecessarily violent.” She continued to walk out ahead.
Your grip tightened around the gun. “What are you talking about?”
“Rumor has it you stabbed and killed two scientists in Brasilia.” Her tone was teasing.
“They tried to kill me first.” You replied defensively.
She paused, allowing another guard to pass up ahead. “Yes but I do not doubt that you could have easily disabled them.”
You pursed your lips, the thought hadn’t even really come to you. Maybe you had inherited some of your dad’s insanity.
She grinned. “So you agree with me?”
“No,” There was no way you were like that monster that had posed as your father. “No I don’t.”
She shrugged. “Well we’ll see soon enough.”
“What’s that supposed to mea-“

Something thin and sharp plunged into your thigh. You blinked looking up at the woman in front of you in shock. Almost instantly the room began to spin and your veins began to grow hot.
She smiled. “Morphine, you’ll be out cold in a few minutes. You didn’t really trust me did you?”
You pulled the small silver barb from your leg, tossing it to the ground. “I still have a gun.”
You heard footsteps from behind, the person who had shot you no doubt.
The woman’s grin broadened. “Will you really shoot me? It would be needless you’ll be restrained anyway. If you do it will just be an act of brutality.”  
Raising the gun you aimed it at the woman’s head. “I guess you were right about me then.”
For a brief second you saw the woman’s mask of composure drop, an expression of pure terror replacing it. The gun went off, the bullet skewed but it still struck her. Blood spurted from the back of the woman’s head and she collapsed in a heap on the floor. The gun slipped out of your numb grasp clattering to the floor. You took a deep breath, vision growing hazier by the second. A man pushed you to your knees and you allowed him. Blinking you watched as the crimson puddle around the woman grew, staining the polished floor. What had you done? Another gun shot rang out jarringly and something warm and wet splattered your back.

“_______, are you alright?” A female voice called out from behind you.
You opened your mouth to reply but couldn’t think of anything to say. Your mind was a mess and the room was still spinning. Sleep threatened to take you over.
Natasha closed the distance between you as you slipped from your knees to your side. You watched her through half closed eyes, a dumb smile on your face. She really was very pretty you thought to yourself.
She tapped you on the cheek. “Wake up _____ we have to get out of this corridor.”
“I like it here, it’s comfortable.” You slurred.
“I’ll help you, come on.” She pulled your arm around her shoulders, groaning as she tried to hoist you to your feet.
You laughed as you once again slid to the floor, Natasha having failed.
“Please ______, you can sleep later I promise.” She pleaded with you.
You yawned loudly before sitting up sluggishly. “Okie dokie artichokie.”
Natasha half dragged you through the Whitehouse, doing all she could to keep you quiet and stop you from succumbing to the large dose of morphine you had just been given. You were being very difficult, but the fact that you hadn’t completely gone under by now was a testament to your strength of will. However she knew it wasn’t long now until you completely passed out. She had to make sure she got you somewhere safe by then.

You stumbled out of the front door of the Whitehouse, unable to see much more then blurry images. Natasha whispered encouragement every few steps, but you were unable to feel your legs now.
“Come on ______, not much farther now. Fury is waiting for us.”
You forced your brain to drive the numb muscles to move. But it was so much work and you still had so far to go. You continued to move one numb limb in front of the other, shuffling small steps and leaning heavily on Natasha. She continued to encourage you and finally you collapsed into a pair of arms. Burying your head into the person’s neck you finally allowed your eyes to close.
The last thing you heard before you succumbed to the drugs was a deep gravelly voice. “I’ve got you Agent ______.”
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 44 Drugged
Sorry it took so long, I got really busy (i've got a new baby sister yay!) But I'll continue to try my best to update regularly. 


Your jaw still throbbed dully but you had put it to the back of your mind. Thinking you were not much of a threat at the moment your father had ordered two former S.H.I.E.L.D agents to escort you to the oval office. Before you were lead away, the barrel of a gun digging into your back your father had called after you, swearing that you still weren’t a hostage. He evidently still believed that there was a chance that you would switch sides. Yet more proof that he knew nothing of the person you had grown into.


Pain, excruciating pain was the first thing Clint became aware of as he opened his eyes. The next thing was the sticky wetness covering his torso and the rusty scent of blood. His mind worked slowly as he began to piece everything together. He had been running across rooftops, trying to get to Natasha and Steve who had requested backup, when all of a sudden there had been a sharp pain in his ribs; some sort of tranquilizer dart, and he had lost his footing on a particularly slippery roof. He briefly remembered the woosh of air around him as he plummeted two stories and the added pain as he landed on an iron gate. After that all was blank. He sat up slowly, immediately feeling the need to empty the contents of his stomach, but he fought it back. The room spun around him, all of it burning white light. He glanced down his front to see a bloodied bandage wrapped around his stomach.
“Clint.” A familiar voice called to him, but it seemed to echo strangely.
He blinked up at Natasha, brow furrowing.
She smiled, cupping his cheek with a gloved hand. “It’s ok, you’re safe now.”
The nauseous feeling increased and he pulled away from her, covering his mouth with his hand.
She grabbed a small silver bowl from the corner of the cell and handed it to him. “They warned me that the drugs they gave you could make you feel sick.”
He took it gratefully, hovering over it face pale.
“I had to fight hard to get you medical attention, they were just going to leave you to bleed out.” Her voice was full of outrage.
Clint glanced up offering a small smile, still unable to manage words.

Natasha sighed, setting herself down beside him. “Thankfully whoever is running this show wants us alive. All of us.”
Clint almost forgot his nausea in that instant. “All of us?”
“Tony is a couple of cells down I heard him complaining a few minutes ago, Steve told him to shut up and the guards are keeping Bruce sedated.”
Clint frowned. “And _______?”
Natasha shrugged, looking down at her nails. “I haven’t heard any word of her since I woke up.”
“What?” Clint blinked, eyes boring into Natasha’s profile.
“She’ll be fine Clint, she always is. You’ve said it yourself, she can handle herself.” Tash’s voice held almost imperceptible traces of doubt.
Clint shook his head, tossing the bowl against the rear wall with a loud crash. “I can’t just sit here while she could be,” His voice trailed off. “I’m not even going to say it.”
Tash nodded. “I know, but you’re in no fit state to try and make an escape.”
“No,” He agreed solemnly. “But you are.”  
“Me?” She glared at him. “I can’t leave you here.”
“Nat, you know you can.” Clint placed a hand on her shoulder.
She pulled away. “I can but I won’t. I’ve accepted that you don’t feel the same way about me as I do about you, but that doesn’t make my feelings any less.”
He nodded. “I know but-“
“No Clint, no. Can you imagine if I do just leave and you die. What _______ would think of me, what I would think of myself?” Natasha was doing the seemingly impossible and spilling out her heart.
“Imagine if I die anyway and ______ with me,” His gaze was steady. “Now is not the time to regain your conscience, now is the time to make a choice.”
She nodded, huffing out a breath. “Fine, but I’m coming back for you.”
Clint smiled, pushing a strand of her red hair behind her ear. “Thankyou.”


“Coffee _______?”
“No.” Your voice was dull.
The woman who stood before you frowned. “Then tea maybe? Or something to eat, I think there may be a biscuit or two around here somewhere.”
“I’m ok.”
The woman you had been left with acted as your father’s personal assistant, though you could tell by the way she spoke about him that she had also taken on the duties expected of a wife. She seemed deeply concerned about your reaction to the news you had been told and was trying everything she could to get you to see her as a friend instead of an enemy.
“Cheer up,” She took one of the spare seats in front of what had been the President’s desk. “This will all be over in a few days and you will have your dad back.”
You were seated behind the desk, eyes briefly skimming the confidential documents the president still had to sign. “I don’t want him back.”
“Of course you do.” She smiled brightly, showing slightly crooked teeth.
You looked at her in disbelief. She was pretty, but definitely not beautiful. Her hair was chin length and as straight as a ruler, her brows were thin and angled and her eyes were such a light grey that they almost looked white. She appeared to be academically smart but very naïve. She was the perfect choice of personal assistant when you were planning something absolutely diabolical.  
“Ah, no I don’t. Do you realize what he’s done?”
He mouth pinched in for a moment before she answered. “To an outsider it could seem extreme.”
“To an outsider?” You kept your voice level with a lot of effort. “To anyone this could seem extreme.”
“He means well.” Her voice was defensive.
“He might think he does but what he’s doing has no good in it at all,” You watched as her face clouded over with doubt. “I used to love him with my entire being, deep down I still do. But right now I have to distance myself from the way I feel and think about the rest of the world.”

She tapped her acrylic nails on the desk, lost in thought. “But S.H.I.E.L.D has to stop doing what they’re doing.”
You gave a brief nod. “Maybe, but what they do they do because they fear for the fate of the human population. Who’s benefiting from worldwide chaos?”
She met your (e/c) eyes with her own grey ones. “This has to stop doesn’t it?”
“Get me my gear back, and point me in the direction of my teammates and we can finish this.” You spoke with certainty.
She stood, smoothing out her champagne coloured pencil skirt. “I may be able to get your things, but the whereabouts of your friends is another matter.”
You nodded. “Just do whatever you can without being found out.”
She smiled a scared smile before exiting the room, heels clicking loudly on the floor.
You inhaled a deep breath, swinging your chair around to look out the large window. The grounds of the Whitehouse were a startlingly vivid green. A little taste of tranquility before you would be forced to once again embrace carnage and destruction.
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 43 A Moment of Silence
I think the readers dad officially makes it as worst father of the year. 

Tony Stark blinked and then blinked some more. It felt as if he had a serious hangover, and he had no idea where he was. On a normal day this wouldn’t have alarmed him, he was used to this sort of thing by now. But today was certainly not a normal day. He recalled the crowds of people running for their lives as friends attacked friends and parents attacked children. They were mindless, practically zombies ordered by a computer program to attack anyone or thing that was resisting the disease. He rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hand. He had awoken 20 minutes ago to find his Ironman suit completely disabled. The cell he had found himself in was illuminated by a strong white light that burnt his eyes and frazzled his usually fast mind. If he squinted he was just able to see into the cell across from his, and the figure of Steve Rogers sitting on his haunches. Steve looked just as confused and powerless as Tony felt. Whoever had done this to them knew enough about the Avengers to know exactly what would work to detain each one. Tony shook his head shakily getting to his feet. There had to be a way to escape this cell, after all he had escaped a terrorist camp with less knowledge then he had now.

You stared at your father, unable to comprehend the fact that he was the bad guy. Ever since you had been told he was dead you had dedicated every one of your achievements to him. The whole reason you had become the person you were today was because of him. But everything had been a lie.
He glanced at Steel. “I think my daughter and I need some time to catch up.”
Straightening himself up Steele dipped his head. “Yes Sir.”
“Oh, and Andrew?” Your father spoke calmly, as if addressing a close friend.
Steele halted midstride. “Sir?”
“I suggest you never try and make a move on my daughter ever again, unless of course you like the thought of being skinned alive.”
Steel’s eyes widened. “N-no Sir of course not.” You watched as he scuttled out of the room tail between his legs.

“Stand up _____, you’re not a hostage.”
You remained on your knees despite your father’s orders, blinking up at him mouth ajar.
He sighed. “Don’t make me drag you to your feet, I don’t want that to be the way we start off.”
“How do you expect us to start out, me throwing myself into your arms and telling you how much I’ve missed you?” You tried to keep your voice steady. “I’m sorry to tell you daddy dear but that ship has sailed.”
He clenched his jaw. “This is your last chance. Get, on, your, feet.”
You decided it’d be best to do what he says, for now anyway. So you stood slowly, glaring at him the entire time.
The corner of his mouth turned up. “Thankyou chipmunk, I know it’s difficult for you at the moment but if you give me a chance to explain you’ll understand.”
“I don’t think there is anything to understand. You’ve killed millions of people dad, you not only sat back and watched me being tortured but you broke my cheekbone and busted my nose yourself,” You sniffed back tears. “And you’ve done god knows what to the first boyfriend I’ve ever actually cared about.”
His mouth became a thin line as he listened to you. “_______, you need to realize the world isn’t all black and white, there is no definite good and bad.”
You scoffed. “I think the time for life lessons is over, if you want to explain your point of view to me than do it.”  
“I’m doing this for you, for every child out there like you.” He sounded almost sincere.
You scoffed. “Killing all of my friends is the best thing anyone has ever done for me thankyou Dad.”
He gritted his teeth. “_______, do you not realize that Nick Fury used you as another one of his test subjects?”
“All thanks to you.” You replied.
He gave a brief nod. “You’re right, that was my fault as much as it was his. But I can’t let him do it to anyone else.”
“So everything you’ve done is to stop S.H.I.E.L.D? All those people out there dying they’re-“
“Collateral damage, in a war innocents have to die to make a statement.” He spoke as if it was simple to understand.

You stared at him in disbelief, how had a man intent on the protection of innocents change so much?
“Do you want to know how I managed it?” A slight smile came across his face.
You didn’t reply, which he unfortunately took as an invitation to begin.
“I was sent on a solo mission to stop a secret medical facility in Brazil from producing and testing dangerous diseases. I went with every intention of stopping them and coming back to you and your mother the next day. But when I was there a scientist fearing for his life showed me a new disease he had begun working on. It had the ability to turn its victim into a zombie capable of following simple orders. I had been beginning to grow tired of Fury’s methods and trying to find a way to stop him from creating such dangerous tech, and agents. It all seemed to come together right then and there, I made a deal with the scientist. He would continue to produce the disease and morph it into something much stronger and I would take over management of the facility and make him head of his department. A greedy man, he was more than happy with me. So I kept to my word and unsurprisingly after no word from me Fury automatically assumed I had been killed. He sent many agents to infiltrate the facility but of course I was always one step ahead of him and instantly knew who they were. I encouraged my staff to feed them false information, which I know they had passed on to Fury. It continued on like that for a few years, sometimes I would recognize an agent and bribe them into joining me which just increased my numbers.”

You shook your head, looking down at your feet. “And you never once worried about me or mum?”
He smiled. “Of course I did, but I already knew I would be seeing you once you had graduated. And I was right, Fury played straight into my hand.”
“What?” You looked up.
“I had double agents at S.H.I.E.L.D, the moment you made an appearance I began to get things ready. I disposed of Agents Cross and just waited for Fury to test out his little project. I tried to make everything as difficult as I could, while still making it impossible for you to fail your task of collecting the vials. I needed to get the vials somewhere I could release them to do the most damage and that just happened to be the Helicarrier.”
You blinked, body shaking. “B-but I was tortured, I almost died…”
He nodded. “I was monitoring your progress the entire time, when it looked like you were about to crash I sent two of my employees to try and help you.”
“You mean I wasn’t seeing things?”
He laughed. “No, they were really there. But I had to concoct a scene that made it look like you got there on your own. The others couldn’t suspect a thing.”
“Wow.” You blinked. As disgusted as you were in your father you couldn’t help but admit that he had a pretty sharp mind.
“The one thing I didn’t count on was you falling for your S.O,” His brow furrowed. “When I was told that little detail I was a little surprised. Barton is not the sort of guy I ever saw you having any interest in.”
“What?” You tilted your head. “He’s a better man than you are.”
Your father chuckled under his breath. “I bet that’s what he has you believing, I was the agent tasked with bringing him to S.H.I.E.L.D _______, that man is a maniac.”
You nodded. “That may be true, but it does take one to know one.”
He shrugged. “I’m sorry that you feel that way. But I’m past caring what people think, even you. I love you but this is so much bigger and more important than that. I was hoping you’d decide to join me.”
“Go to hell.” You screamed at the top of your lungs.
He bared his teeth, punching you square in the jaw and sending you to your knees. “Keep your mouth shut.”
Tears cascaded down your cheeks as you looked up at the man you had once thought would be incapable of hurting you. Clutching your aching jaw you marveled at the fact that your heart was giving you far more grief. So this was what it was like to have your heart completely shattered.
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Greetings everyone,

So as most of you probably know, my Hawkeye series has very nearly reached its conclusion. If all goes to plan there will only be another 5 maybe 6 chapters. So I can't help but think that without an ongoing series to strive towards finishing I may begin to slow down with writing Reader Inserts. To stop that from happening i'll probably take up another series (though it will be much shorter then this one) This is where you come in watchers. I need inspiration, and ideas. I wnat to know what it is you're looking for in a new series. Of course I don't expect you to give me an entire plot layout (that's my job) But what I do want is lets call it an expression of interest. Tell me what fandom/pairing you would most read and the sort of personality traits you want from the reader. 

The following fandoms are the ones i'm most comfortable doing, of course if you have other ideas feel free to express them and I may just decide to challenge myself. 

Marvel Universe Obviously I don't know the ins and outs of every single character but i'm comfortable with a fair amount of them

DC Universe I'm a Marvel girl so i'm less confident with this, though I know an insane amount about Batman and his corresponding villans

Harry Potter

Doctor Who I've watched some of the old ones with doctors 1-8 but not enough to really do the characters much justice 


Labyrinth yes I totally have a thing for David Bowie now shhh

True blood

There are probably more but i'm feeling to lazy to think any harder now, so if you are one of the very few people who have probably read this I would really apreciate your help. Hell,  I'll include the person who gives me the winning suggestion in the story. 

Glass crunched loudly under your feet. You silently walked down what was once a busy main road, trying to keep your eyes averted from the butchered innocents littering the road and sidewalk. It was so quiet that it was as if you had been trapped in a bubble of silence. You kicked a smashed Iphone 6 off of the path and watched it spin out onto the road. You were supposed to be searching for survivors but every single building you passed by looked like it had been hit by a bomb. You walked another few blocks without hearing so much as a whimper. It was time to face it, there just weren’t any survivors of this attack. You sighed, glancing across the road at what had once been a fairly upmarket apartment block. The front windows had been completely shattered and there appeared to be a blue Ford Falcon crashed in the foyer. You smirked, what were the odds? You had just decided to cross over and poke around when there was feedback from your communicator.

“Falcon, can you hear me Falcon?” It was the voice of the scientist who had been trying to devise a cure.
“I hear you loud and clear, do you have the cure?”
“No,” There was a momentary pause. “But I know where the signal is being sent from.”
You felt your heart jump in your chest. “Where?”
“You’re not going to believe this, the main signal is being sent from the Whitehouse.”
You froze. “What? Have you told the others?”
“I couldn’t reach them, neither can Fury. I think you may be on your own.”
“What?” You stared at your frightened reflection in a blood smeared shop window. Why did you always end up on your own? “I-I can’t do this by myself.”
Bracing yourself against a wall you tried to catch your breath. Where were Clint and the others? If he was dead… No, he couldn’t be dead. He wouldn’t leave you like that, not when you were both so happy. You felt your legs turn to jelly. Most people didn’t have the same luck that you had when it came to mortal wounds. You had survived more than you should’ve, maybe Clint’s death was going to be your punishment. Your eyes burned with tears and you began to shake. What about Tash? You had only just put that petty rivalry behind you. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to happen.

“Agent _____.” A deep stern voice spoke in your ear.
You swallowed and answered your voice croaky. “Fury?”
He didn’t even pull you up on your informality. “You need to keep it together _____, I’m sending down a team to assist you.”
“I don’t think I ca-“
“You have to,” He snapped. “You have no choice, you will be commanding officer so the lives of the men I send down to you are your responsibility.”
You covered your mouth with your hands, body shaking again. “I-I’m not ready for this Director.”
“It doesn’t matter whether you’re ready or not, you are our last chance. I have lost communication with the rest of the Avengers and Thor is nowhere to be seen. You are all there is.”
You collapsed onto your knees, amongst the broken glass and debris and you cried, tears and snot running down your face grossly. Images of being tortured kept flashing into your mind, as well as images of each one of your new friends crumpled in a pool of their own blood.

By the time the strike team met up with you, you had cleaned yourself up and taken on a stony demeanor. The head of the team was slender but somehow still looked athletic and very familiar. You frowned as they team of six approached. And then it hit you, he was the very same man who had led you to the conference room.
“Agent ______, it’s good to see you again.” He offered you a broad grin.
You did your best impression of Natasha, trying to appear like someone cool calm and collected. “Likewise Agent Steele.”
“We’ve all been briefed, but I have the suspicion that Fury omitted a lot of details.”  
You gave a stiff nod. “Most likely, it’s something he’s been known to do,” You sighed feeling the threat of tears beginning to burn behind you eyes again. “Let’s get this over and done with, anyone know their way to the Whitehouse?”
Agent Steele shrugged, glancing at each one of his men. “I was expecting you to know.”
“ok…” You bit your lip, the leadership thing wasn’t for you. “Does anyone have their phone with them?”
“No, but there’s one on the ground by your feet that looks salvageable.” A large man with coffee coloured skin pointed out.  
You grinned, “Well men we have our answer right here.” Thankfully apart from a slightly cracked screen the Samsung was fine, and there wasn’t any passcode.
“How’s that going to help us?” Steele looked at you skeptically.
You rolled your eyes. “Two words, Google Maps.”
The men around you chuckled, as you keyed in the details. “Let’s just hope the internet is still fully functional.”

The Whitehouse had ended up being quite a way away; thankfully one of the men with you had been a car thief in his youth and knew the proper way to hot wire a car. He’d found a white courier van and although it was no hotrod, it had gotten your group surprisingly far, before you were forced to leave it because of chaotic roads. The closer you moved toward the Whitehouse the worse the damage became. Both sound and live people returned in a flash. They were running and screaming as well as fighting one another. Retrieving you sais you turned to the men following you. “Save anyone you can.”
Agent Steele gave you a sympathetic look. “We have to continue to the Whitehouse _____, this is happening all over the world and we need to stop it for good.”
You watched as a woman in a tailored grey business suit tackled a policeman, her manicured nails clawing at his face. What Agent Steele said made sense, but it would be hard to follow through on it.
“Ok, but if we come across anyone that can be saved we do it. We’re here to protect the people who can’t protect themselves.” You ordered as you inconspicuously wiped a tear from your cheek.  
Steele opened his mouth to protest but you gave him a look that would wither even the most hardened souls. You were the one in charge, not him.

You all hiked the last mile cautiously, finding yourselves thrown in the middle of many battles. By the time you finally arrived at the security gates to the Whitehouse you were all exhausted.
Wiping sweat from your brow you turned to the men surrounding you. “We need to break through these gates and get in there no matter the cost.”
“The president would be in lockdown by now, that place will be crawling with special forces.” Steele spoke matter of factly, reloading his assault rifle.
“Agent Steele are you suggesting we give up?” Raising an eyebrow you crossed your arms over your chest, hoping it would hold the growing hole in your chest together. It had been over an hour since anyone had heard word from Clint, Tony or Tash, and you were beginning to finally give in to the fact that you may never hear them again.
Steele scratched his eyebrow. “No, I just think it’d be better if we took a less direct route in. Aren’t you meant to be good at stealth _______?”
You flinched at the venom hidden behind his words. “This is the Whitehouse we’re talking about here you asswipe! Not some building with multiple entries and exits.”
He laughed right in your face. “Your naivety knows no bounds. Of course there are multiple exits they’re just not shown to the public obviously.”
Hands balling into fists you used all of your willpower to not sock him right there. “I’m the one in charge here Agent Steele, it’d do you well to remember that. I say we go through the front gates, so that’s what we’ll do. You’re either with me or against me,” Sliding a sai from the sheathe at your hip you placed it against his cheek, drawing a single bead of blood. “And trust me, you don’t want to be against me today.”  
He blinked gritting his teeth. “Your wish is my command master.”
“Good, that’s what I like to hear,” You smiled, replacing your sai. “Lets get going shall we?”
The men chuckled to themselves, patting an infuriated Agent Steele on the back. You tried to appear triumphant and like the leader these men were beginning to think you were. But how were you meant to be strong for so many people, when all you wanted to do was find a corner to cry in?
Hawkeye X Reader- Chapter 40 On Your Own
Things have gone from pretty good to terrible in a small block of time, will the reader be able to cope with her new responsibility 

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Greetings everyone,

So as most of you probably know, my Hawkeye series has very nearly reached its conclusion. If all goes to plan there will only be another 5 maybe 6 chapters. So I can't help but think that without an ongoing series to strive towards finishing I may begin to slow down with writing Reader Inserts. To stop that from happening i'll probably take up another series (though it will be much shorter then this one) This is where you come in watchers. I need inspiration, and ideas. I wnat to know what it is you're looking for in a new series. Of course I don't expect you to give me an entire plot layout (that's my job) But what I do want is lets call it an expression of interest. Tell me what fandom/pairing you would most read and the sort of personality traits you want from the reader. 

The following fandoms are the ones i'm most comfortable doing, of course if you have other ideas feel free to express them and I may just decide to challenge myself. 

Marvel Universe Obviously I don't know the ins and outs of every single character but i'm comfortable with a fair amount of them

DC Universe I'm a Marvel girl so i'm less confident with this, though I know an insane amount about Batman and his corresponding villans

Harry Potter

Doctor Who I've watched some of the old ones with doctors 1-8 but not enough to really do the characters much justice 


Labyrinth yes I totally have a thing for David Bowie now shhh

True blood

There are probably more but i'm feeling to lazy to think any harder now, so if you are one of the very few people who have probably read this I would really apreciate your help. Hell,  I'll include the person who gives me the winning suggestion in the story. 



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I'm mostly focused on writing reader inserts, though also write alot of original work. (I just choose not to upload much of it) I also draw, but I don't like to share any of my sketches cause every artist on this site is 100 times better then I could ever hope to be.

My fandoms are as follows;

Doctor Who
True Blood
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter

That's all I can think of at the moment, though i'm sure there is more :c

I no longer take requests though I do, do offer commissions. Note me for prices ect.

If you for what ever reason wanna get to know me you're free to add me on Facebook…

I'm a proud slytherin, so no flaming the snakes when I'm around >:I


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